SpeedQuizzing used for Year 10 Academic Challenge at Thailand School

Despite the quiz event taking place in a futuristic ‘Samsung Smart Classroom’, equipped with sizeable LCD screen and many Android tablets, organiser and Technology Teacher Andrei Androsoff, incorporated SpeedQuizzing into the set up to...
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Whether our quiz hosts are booking a new event through our members area or using our new SpeedQuizzing Question Manager, they will be loving our brand new super fast, super reliable cloud hosted website. Big up for this exceptional service....
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SpeedQuizzing in the news !!

Article in the Daily Post about SpeedQuizzing being used at a pub quiz in Anglesey in Wales.
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SpeedQuizzing gets ‘Social’ !!

Dubbed Facebook for quiz hosts,‘s new social features add a great deal of scope to how quiz hosts can promote themselves, along with their events, through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Check out the new smartphone...
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Hot new look for SpeedQuizzing

Some of you might miss it. Others probably not, but the SpeedQuizzing team have decided it was time to say goodbye to the old-look website and poster designs (flat pint of larger and all!). Our hot new design, featured above, (as well as being on the...
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Rebranding 2013

SpeedQuizzing have had a prosperous year with a steady increase of quiz hosts and venues turning on to our new approach towards quiz hosting. That said, it has been theorised from various parties that this steady increase could have been significantly...
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Voting questions: shaking up a smartphone pub quiz near you!

In the space of just a few years, we like to think that our SpeedQuizzing smartphone pub quizzing system has completely revolutionised the experience of pub quiz gameplay, allowing teams to compete by using their touch-screen devices to play along in...
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Smartphone pub quizzes get REALLY evil

We’ve done our absolute best to ensure that SpeedQuizzing has been a joyously disruptive presence in the pubs and bars of the UK over the past few years, shaking up the tired and ailing format of the pub quiz and giving it a whole new lease of life...
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Single letter answering; unique to SpeedQuizzing

Many of the greatest innovations tend to be beautifully simple (at face value anyway), from the London Underground map to the modernist homes of the 60s that said “D’you know what? sod mock Tudor, let’s have clean lines and practical features!”...
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Smartphone pub quiz music rounds are leaps ahead

Whether you’re a bona fide muso straight out of Never Mind The Buzzcocks or the type of quizzer who would join the majority of University Challenge or Only Connect contestants in groaning at the sound of a music question, there’s no denying that a...
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