SpeedQuizzing venue wins Best Entertainment Pub in the UK 2015

SpeedQuizzing is always being described as a way of bringing a familiar yet brand new form of entertainment into pubs.  Whilst it is still at heart essentially a Pub Quiz, it’s bringing in new elements such as Team Buzzers, Original Scoring Systems, Fastest Finger and above all, no cheating.

Imagine how pleased we were to hear that one of our SpeedQuizzing venues had won the regional final for Best Entertainment Pub in the West Midlands.  The Lord Clifden in Birmingham, renowned for being a pub where something is always going on took the award and were extremely pleased about it.  This however meant that they were then in the nominations for Best Entertainment Pub in the UK.

Pub Owner / Manager Graham Smith and Bar Manager Liam Duncombe went to the very high-brow event at the Hilton, Mayfair in London with hopes of taking such an award away.  Imagine their surprise and delight when The Lord Clifden was then named as Best Entertainment Pub in the UK 2015.  The award was presented to them by stand up comedian Sean Locke (pictured).

The pub was attended by a judge from the Morning Advertiser, which to all pub landlords is a national paper specifically aimed at the pub trade.  The best thing about this is that the judge attended on quiz night at The Lord Clifden, hosted by Stoo Pittaway. The pub had already given them lots of photos and details of all their previous and upcoming events involving famous underground DJs, Jazz music, Table Tennis in the beer garden and much more.  They wanted to come down and see what the quiz was all about as they had never experienced one played on Smartphones before.  Obviously it must have impressed him as they went on to win the award.  To quote the pub on their Facebook post “In the words of Ian Dury ‘Reasons To Be Cheerful'”.

Well done to the venue and all the staff for their hard work, we are glad to hear that SpeedQuizzing has contributed to your success and look forward to hearing about any further awards you may receive.

You can check out the full list of awards here: 

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