Charity Quiz for Autism Awareness Month

A Birmingham woman is hosting a virtual quiz on Saturday to raise money for two local organisations that have played a key role in supporting her autistic son. 

Northfield resident Kari Taylor discovered her love of quizzing during the lockdowns, when she would participate in virtual quizzes on a daily basis.

Kari, who cares full time for her son, Leighton, who is autistic, found that taking part in virtual quizzes enabled her to meet people and socialise during an incredibly challenging period for her and her son.

Having taken part in hundreds of quizzes over the last two years, Kari is hosting her first ever quiz on Saturday 9th April, with the aim of raising funds for two Birmingham organisations that support autistic children.

Cherry Oak School supports and helps autistic pupils, including Leighton, to thrive, while S.E.N.D Socials Birmingham provides social opportunities for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Speaking about Saturday’s quiz, Kari said:

“If it wasn’t for virtual quizzes, I would have felt incredibly isolated as a single parent during the various lockdowns. Quizzing provided me with a daily way to connect with new people, make friends and generally have some fun during a really difficult time.

“Now, I’ve decided to take the plunge and host my own quiz, with the aim of raising money for two organisations that are particularly close to my heart, thanks to the way they have brilliantly supported Leighton and many others suffering from autism.

“The money raised for Cherry Oak School will go towards converting a minibus into a library, so that the pupils can develop their love of reading in an environment they feel safe in. 

“I am incredibly grateful to the 50 teams that have already signed up to play, and I’m hoping to have double this number playing on Saturday night.”

Kari is running the music quiz with her boyfriend, professional quiz master Stoo Pittaway (AKA Mister Quiz). It will be hosted through SpeedQuizzing’s platform, with each team connecting remotely through their laptop and answering the questions through their phone. The quiz starts at 8pm and will run over three rounds before coming to a close at 10.30pm.

Donations to play are £5 per team. To reserve your place, visit

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