SpeedQuizzing comes to Germany

The Smartphone Quiz is already hugely popular in the United Kingdom and there are many trivia nights popping up around the US at the moment as well.  SpeedQuizzing makes sure that the QuizPacks that they sell are tailored for the different audiences, it wouldn’t be any use to a US audience having questions all about Coronation Street.  Likewise, a UK crowd wouldn’t want to be answering too many questions about the NFL either.

The Pub Quiz or Trivia Nights are hugely popular in both the UK and the US but how do other non-english speaking countries get on with quiz nights?  We had our first quiz night start in Germany recently so we asked Sascha from Gasthaus Blume a few questions about how quizzes are over there and how they are getting on with the Smartphone Quiz.

Gasthaus Blume, Freiburg

Gasthause Blume2

Where did you find out about SpeedQuizzing?

I wanted to find some event for my newly opened bar in the vaulted cellar of our Inn. I actually searched for a smartphone quiz and you guys were the only ones offering it.

How well has the software been received at your venue?

It’s still growing, but everyone attending so far loved it.

Are Pub Quizzes / Trivia nights big in Germany? 

Not at all. Only a few Irish pubs do offer quiz nights. Most Germans are not really pub quizzers, even though everyone watches “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” They often fear to embarrass themselves for not knowing enough and are surprised how easy going and how much fun it is in the end. Check my BIO on your website.

What other sort of nights are there nearby in Germany that you compete with? 

None, really.  This is the only thing to offer in this region.

Gasthause Blume3

How many teams have you been getting in for SpeedQuizzing?

Average 5 teams with 2-6 members

Did you used to run quiz nights before using this?  I.e Pen and Paper quizzes?

No.  This is the first time we have run a quiz at this venue.

What sort of comments have you received from you customers about it?

Recently I am starting to get requests to run quizzes for companies and christmas parties.  I think by this time next year it will be well established.

Is there anything similar to this in Germany that you know of?

Nothing.  This is the only product of this kind here.

Obviously SpeedQuizzing isn’t at the point yet where they are writing questions in foreign languages but that is something we will hopefully be looking at in the future. It is great to see overseas venues taking up the Smartphone Quiz and enjoying it like Gasthause Blume does.  Hopefully this will be the start of other venues giving the quiz a try in Germany

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