SQ Host Interview: Andrew Ritchie

Name? (and company you operate for if you do)

Andrew Ritchie – Independent Host

Where do you live?


Are you a DJ and if so where do you DJ?

I do mobile DJ in the local area mainly through word of mouth

How did you find out about SpeedQuizzing?

I saw an advert for SQ when I took out my Public Liability Insurance through DJ network.

Which venues do you host quizzes at?

Black Bison – Guildford mainly but have hosted private and Charity nights for Heals & House of Fraser amongst others, and dinner quiz’s at the Onslow Arms in West Clandon.

And about to do my first PTA school fundraising night shortly for Worplesdon Primary School in Guildford

How long have you been hosting quizzes?

I have been writing and hosting Pen & Paper quiz’s for the last 8 years, but embraced the change to SpeedQuizzing more recently

How long have you been using the SpeedQuizzing software?

I used the software on and off over the past 8 months wanting to take the plunge which I have done recently and it is now really beginning to take off.

Favourite Quiz team name?

The Inevitable Return of the Big Fact Hunt – covered in Jam, was a recent accident waiting to happen ! Quiz teams know how to make you suffer sometimes

Which of your venues is the most popular?

A refurb at my most popular venue and a name change to the Black Bison is beginning to bring people back it is so nice now! And numbers are rising so I’ll say the Black Bison

Which of your venues is the rowdiest / best atmosphere?

All venues have great nights but House of Fraser Charity Nights at the Stoke Hotel proberly get my vote, especially when you convince the winners to donate the winning money pot to the charity!

If you could host a quiz anywhere where would it be?

On Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, there audience do know how to make some noise, it’s also my son Josh’s favourite programme. I could imagine the look on his face if he saw it!

What’s your favourite thing about SpeedQuizzing?

Not having to sharpen pencils every week, and it adds the scores as it goes! This also stops people suddenly remembering answers after a trip outside for a smoke or to the toilets .

Do you use any unique rounds / ideas / features of your own or do you just stick to the SpeedQuizzing format?

We have a rollover each week with jackpot envelopes, a random team is selected to pick an envelope which may contain a prize or it may not !

There’s usually wine, a restaurant voucher or jackpot money – we gave away over £600 once which was nice!

We have started using the nearest wins question to pick the team recently.

Any tips for people wanting to host quizzes?

As most hosts have said be yourself, and above all enjoy yourself, I have never laughed so much some nights, especially when you start to see the answers teams have selected sometimes

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