Ultimate World Cup quiz: Warm up for Qatar 2022 with this tricky 20 question test

From the Hand of God goal through to Zidane’s infamous headbutt, the world’s biggest football tournament has thrown up its fair share of memorable moments – but how much do you really know about the World Cup?

With that question in mind, we’ve raided our database to create a 20-question quiz that’s guaranteed to get you warmed up ahead of the tournament starting this Sunday (20th November).

So, will you be bringing home the trophy or taking an early bath? Let’s kick-off to find out…

N.B Scroll down to reveal the answers.


  1. Since England’s major tournament debut in 1950, which Premier League side are the only one to have had at least one player in every single FIFA World Cup and European Championship England squad?


  1. The ball used by Diego Maradona to score the infamous Hand of God goal against England at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico is to go to auction on November 16th, with an estimated price of £2.5m to £3m. But who is selling it?
  • Maradona’s family
  • The Argentinian FA
  • The English FA
  • The Mexican government
  • The Tunisian referee who allowed the goal to stand


  1. In what year did a host country last win the FIFA World Cup?


  1. Which country’s international football team is the only one to have played in every FIFA World Cup to date? 


  1. In the 1966 World Cup final, Geoff Hurst scored three of England’s four goals. Who scored the other?


  1. Which international football team has lost the most FIFA World Cup finals?
  • Germany (including as West Germany)
  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Brazil


  1. In 2018, which then 19-year-old footballer became the first teenager to score twice in a FIFA World Cup match since Pelé in 1958?


  1. Who were the only country to remain undefeated at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa?
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • New Zealand


  1. What was unusual about Hector Castro, who scored the winning goal for Uruguay in the 1930 World Cup final?
  • He wasn’t Uruguayan
  • He only had one arm
  • He was blind in one eye
  • He only had one leg
  • He was Fidel Castro’s dad
  • Hector was a woman


  1. Pele holds the record for the youngest player to appear in a FIFA World Cup final. How old was he at the time?


  1. Who scored England’s winning penalty in the shoot-out against Colombia in the 2018 FIFA World Cup second round?


  1. What did football referees get for the first time at the 1970 FIFA World Cup?
  • Whistles
  • Black kits
  • Match fees
  • Red and yellow cards


  1. To date, all FIFA World Cup-winning managers/head coaches have been native to the country they coached to victory. Is this…?


  • True
  • False


  1. In 1930, which country won the first-ever FIFA World Cup? 


  1. Which was the first host nation to fail to get through the first round/group stage in a FIFA World Cup tournament?


  1. Four-time world champions Italy will not play in this year’s FIFA World Cup after crashing out in the play-offs. In what year did they last play in the tournament?


  1. Germany’s Lothar Matthäus and Mexican duo Antonio Carbajal and Rafael Márquez jointly hold the record for playing in the most FIFA World Cups. How many World Cups did they each play in?


  1. Who are the current holders of the FIFA World Cup?


  1. Which country holds the record for making the most appearances in the FIFA World Cup without ever advancing beyond the group stage?


  1. Who sang the England team’s official song for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, entitled ‘We’re on the Ball’?













  1. Manchester United
  2. The Tunisian referee who allowed the goal to stand
  3. 1998 (France)
  4. Brazil
  5. Martin Peters
  6. Germany (including as West Germany)
  7. Kylian Mbappe
  8. New Zealand – (they were KO’d after drawing every game and finishing only third in their group)
  9. He only had one arm
  10. 17
  11. Eric Dier
  12. Red and yellow cards
  13. True
  14. Uruguay
  15. South Africa (2010)
  16. 2014  
  17. 5
  18. France
  19. Scotland
  20. Ant and Dec

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