SpeedQuizzing Live V3 is here!

SpeedQuizzing Live has come a long way since its launch in the first lockdown, and V3 is the biggest jump forward yet. 


Main new features include…


Picture Questions on player device screens. 

Picture Questions on player device screens means the Livescreen no longer has to be used to show Picture Questions.


Scoreboard on device screens.

You now have the option of showing the scoreboards on either the Livescreen or the player device screens, or both. This includes ‘Group’ scoreboards (when the ‘Groups’ feature is being used). Unlike V2, the device scoreboard can be toggled on and off mid-round.


Improved Groups feature.

The Groups feature allows you to let players participate as part of a wider group, where scores are amassed as an average score for their ‘team’ in addition to their individual scores. You decide how to group them or let them choose which group to join by pressing A,B,C, etc… on their keypads.


Player list colouring.

When not using the Groups feature, you can now colour the team names to help you keep track and manage who is who.


Player name flickering-highlighting control.

Choose whether you want to highlight the fastest player from each group, or the general fastest players on a sliding scale and how many you’d like to highlight.


Drag and drop MP3 buzzer sounds.

You can now drag an MP3 buzzer sound of your own creation onto a name in the player list and it will replace the generic sound with one of your choosing.


Keypad shortcuts galore.

There is now a keyboard shortcut for almost everything. This will be heaven for those hosts who want to avoid ‘mousing around’ whilst hosting quizzes. 


Improved layout, including sizeable settings panes.

Organise your layout to exactly what works best for you.


Livescreen connection instructions.

Optionally display App download and connection instructions on the Livescreen prior to and during your quiz including the current PIN. This can be enabled and disabled in the General Settings pane.


Additional features.

Quizpack Refresh List button.

Real-time sound mute button..

Pop-out Livescreen re-opens at last saved size.


Note, Changes to Pricing for V3.

With Version 3 comes some changes to the pricing structure. As from 1st January 2021 it will cost one SpeedQuizzing Credit (£7UK+VAT) to activate SpeedQuizzing Live on a specified date. Lifting the Demo limit of 4 player devices to unlimited connections. Each activation will optionally include a complimentary 60 question quizpack.

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