Private Events

Whatever the event!

SpeedQuizzing is the number one choice for private events. Great for parties, fundraisers, games nights and weddings, as well as for business-use such as networking evenings, presentations and team-building. But don't let all this talk of fun fool you into thinking SpeedQuizzing cannot be used for serious quiz competitions too.

Hire A Pro

As well as being confident on a microphone, a professional SpeedQuizzing host will generally own all the necessary equipment and will know all the different game formats, ensuring that the whole event runs smoothly. You can simply relax and focus on organising, promoting and enjoying your event.

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Host It Yourself

However, if you think you have what it takes to host SpeedQuizzing (including reading out questions on a microphone) then our user guides will show you how to purchase the WiFi Hub, install the software on your laptop and get to grips with the different game formats. Tutorials will also show you how to optionally create your own trivia content and hook up to a projector or plasma screen for the ultimate SpeedQuizzing experience.

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