SQ Host Interview: Charlie Agrusa

Name? (and company you operate for if you do)

Charlie Agrusa  (TNT) Tournament Night Trivia  Fueled by Speedquizzing

Where do you live?

Liberty, Missouri

Are you a DJ and if so where do you DJ?

Yes, I also book weddings and corporate  events

How did you find out about SpeedQuizzing?

I was looking for new ways to promote my trivia show besides the pen and paper method.

Which venues do you host quizzes at?

The Landing in Liberty, Stables in Kearney and William Jewel College in Liberty

How long have you been hosting quizzes?

10 years

How long have you been using the SpeedQuizzing software?

3 years

Favourite Quiz team name?

My couch pulls out but I don’t

Which of your venues is the most popular?

The Landing in Liberty

Which of your venues is the rowdiest / best atmosphere?

The Landing

If you could host a quiz anywhere where would it be?

Sydney, Australia

What’s your favourite thing about SpeedQuizzing?

The live game show aspect that it brings to the players table. In your face pub trivia!

Do you use any unique rounds / ideas / features of your own or do you just stick to the SpeedQuizzing format?

I write my own questions to fit my crowd at each bar, I also have two sessions, each session has 5 rounds, each round

has 5 questions. I give away $25.00 gift card each session and in between rounds I do a music montage for a free pitcher of beer.

Any tips for people wanting to host quizzes?

Buy a good router, and laptop


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