It’s beginning to look a lot like Quizmas

Ok, so it’s not beginning to look a lot like Christmas quite yet. But, after the year we’ve all had (we’re pretty much done with 2020, how about you?), who can blame us for looking ahead to what is typically one of the happier, more exciting times of the year.

It might only be October, but we’re already starting to see some of the tell-tale signs that Christmas is rapidly approaching. Mince pies have made a welcome return to supermarket shelves, Chris Rea has begun preparations for a long, homeward drive (even though he’s already at home, weird right?) and Channel Five has recently run the first of its anticipated 268 screenings of the Christmas classic Home Alone over the next 60 days.

While some things never change, there’s no doubt that the shape of company Christmas parties will be a little bit different this year, with current restrictions meaning that it’s extremely unlikely that the physical parties we all know and love will be taking place.

Instead, all the fun, drama – and occasionally acute embarrassment – of the office Christmas party will be moving online this year, with virtual parties the order of the day.

While it’s a change from the usual setting (or not, if you think about the last seven months!), virtual parties present a brilliant opportunity to bring teams together for some well-deserved fun, entertainment, and drinks.

But what should the entertainment look like? It’s the question that anyone tasked with organising an office party this year is currently asking themselves.

Fear not though, we think we’ve got you covered with this one.

Yes, we might be a little (read: a lot) biased, but when it comes to entertaining the office crew virtually, we think there’s nothing better than a fast-paced, game show-style quiz. After all, we’re a nation obsessed with quizzing, with quiz shows dominating TV schedules and virtual quizzing becoming a national pastime during lockdown.

But we’re not talking about a pen and paper quiz here – god no, that’s old hat!

With SpeedQuizzing Live, our new online hosting platform and app, we’ve taken virtual quizzing to the next level, delivering an unrivalled interactive quiz experience that offers all the excitement of a pub quiz and game show rolled into one.

SpeedQuizzing Live makes it incredibly simple to host multi-round, fast-paced quizzes, with up to 250 players able to connect and play remotely through their laptop, phone or tablet using the free-to-download app. And we’ve taken all the hassle out of compiling quiz questions too, with hosts able to purchase digital question packs containing 61 questions, which can be tailored by topic, age range or level of difficulty – meaning we’ve got every possible audience covered.

Hosts can choose from a range of game-play formats, including multiple choice, first letter of the answer and sequence questions, ensuring there’s something for everyone. And you don’t have to worry about games being sabotaged by cheats (not that there’s any cheats in your company, of course!) as players have just ten seconds to answer each question, with bonus points on offer for the fastest answer. In addition, we offer a grouping feature which means that players in different locations can play as part of the same team – so the long-talked about accounts payable vs. creatives contest is finally on!

There’s no totting up scores or marking papers either – that’s all done automatically by the software – meaning all players have to worry about is answering the questions and sorting out their next drink. It couldn’t be simpler, or more fun, with personalised buzzer sounds for each team only adding to the entertainment. And if you or one of your team don’t fancy running the quiz yourself, there are hundreds of professional SpeedQuizzing hosts who we can connect you to, who will be only too happy to run it on your behalf.

If this is sounding good, you can find out more at or simply call or email us to discuss your requirements in more detail on 07870 576996 /

Merry Quizmas everyone!

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