BPM 2015 – Recapping the event

SpeedQuizzing hosts their amazing software at BPM 2015 at the NEC in Birmingham

At BPM 2015, it was SpeedQuizzing‘s 2nd year in attendance and we were hoping for another great response from DJ’s looking for a way of earning some cash mid week.

Last year the take on the software was mostly people who had never seen anything like it before and keen to give it a try, this year it would appear that word had spread about a bit regarding the software as there were people who were seeking us out to see what all the gossip was about.

What did we do different this year?

This year we decided that we want to make more of an issue of people being able to to hear the buzzers and the presenter of the quiz.  Unfortunately last year we were up against a drum loop sample stand which was non-stop loud music and this drowned out the sounds of the buzzers giving a less than full affect of what the software is all about.  We understood fully that this is to be expected from a DJ based event but in order to progress further we needed to make it look and sound better.

An idea that Alan and John came up with was to use Silent Disco type radio transmitted headphones.  They managed to purchase some branded headphones before the event and this seemed to work.  We then placed the stand within the Quiet Zone of the event and near enough the problem was resolved. The only thing we were up against here was that people passing by couldn’t be involved in what was happening but it was our job then to make sure as many people either had headphones to listen in or were passed a tablet to join in with the game as well.

What were peoples reactions this year?

As usual nearly anyone that sees the software in action is impressed and wants to know more, that is pretty much the same as what happened this year. In fact, the first 2 people to visit the stand on Saturday stayed to chat to one of our reps for pretty much the first hour of BPM.

Has anything new been learned from this event?

One is that we did pick up on the Monday was the kids absolutely love it and maybe it’s time to start looking into marketing the quiz towards youth clubs.


Mondays at BPM are usually quite children heavy as there are a lot of courses at colleges that run music technology classes and it would appear that taking them to BPM is part of the syllabus.

Any unusual moments?

One moment that I frustratingly wasn’t present for was that Darth Vader came to play the quiz at our stand and apparently is bad at quizzes!  Here is John Leach, in some great photos of this moment.


What’s next?

As usual lots of different experiences were had over the weekend and a lot of ideas were discussed. SpeedQuizzing still has a lot of projects in the pipeline so make sure you check back here for future updates.

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