World Quizzing Championships

On the 4th June SpeedQuizzing went to showcase our excellent software to some of the best quizzers in the UK, correction, some of the best in the world.

Every year some of the the country’s quiz royalty get together to see who is currently ‘top dog’, by participating in an extremely taxing test of knowledge.  The quiz itself is held under exam style conditions and covering varying categories in order to try and work out who can boast the best quiz brain across a wide range of subjects.

If you thought quizzes were a uniquely British thing, think again! We discovered on the day that the World Quizzing Championships were in fact taking place across 125 venues in 45 different countries.  Attending the UK event this year were some familiar faces, including KevinBarry and Pat from BBCs Eggheads as well as Anne & Paul from ITVs The Chase.

We turned up armed with PA’stabletskeyringsprizes etc with the hope of entertaining the quizzers after their gruelling slog through 200+ serious questions. It was clear Quizzing was everything to this group so we had to make sure we got things right, and most of all, had to make sure that we impressed and entertained them!

The quiz got going after lunch and we ploughed through various different styles of rounds (Go WideEvil ModeBuzzin) to show them the versatility of the software.  Admittedly it took a little time to warm them up, but eventually they were celebrating their speed bonuses and high scores as any normal SpeedQuizzing player might.

We spoke to a few of the quizzers afterwards to canvass their thoughts on the software, and the general feedback, especially from the organisers, was that they were all pretty impressed! In fact many expressed a genuine interest in hosting their own quiz nights using the software in the future, so we are currently in the process of following up these leads via email.

We stuck around afterwards to take part in a pen and paper music quiz, thinking our combined brains would be enough to impress the rest of the room.  Despite a first good round, it would appear not, and we didn’t end up threatening the top teams at all.  These guys simply are the elite when it comes to pub trivia knowledge, although saying that, none of them realised that the drummer and singer from Shed Seven were actually on our team!

Big well done to Kevin Ashman, who we are informed is the highest scorer / performer at this years Quizzing Championships.  

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