Pro quiz host -v- Self hosting

At SpeedQuizzing we are often approached to recommend local quiz hosts to assist pubs and bars around the UK and even overseas. We have a strong network of hosts that we can recommend who we know have had first hand experience at both hosting quizzes on a regular basis and using our software to its full potential.

At the same time we have many venues who sign up to SpeedQuizzing who opt to host the quiz themselves, usually it’s down to a cost preference which is perfectly fine, but what are the disadvantages to taking on this responsibility yourself?  What could you gain from having a professional host on board?

Why a professional host?

First off, lets take the element of SpeedQuizzing out of the equation.  Entertainers have been practicing hosting quizzes for many years, ever since the standard was using pen and paper.  There is a specific talent to be able to entertain a room full of people.  A host needs to be able to keep people under control, keep the quiz fair at all times, be able to banter well with players and keep the night running to time smoothly.  Reading questions into a microphone from a piece of paper is easy and can be the only thing that someone might consider when deciding to run a night themselves but aside from reading the questions, are you able to entertain as well?  Professional hosts will have been doing this for many years, usually 2 or 3 times a week.  They will know what works, what doesn’t, what people like and what keeps people coming back.

Add SpeedQuizzing into the mix and you have the technology side of it to deal with too.  SpeedQuizzing is a very easy product to pick up and use, it’s also very simple to put together but technology is never without its occasional flaws and again with a host that’s using it 2 or 3 times a week, the chances are, when something goes wrong, they will know how to fix it.  Not only this but we make sure that we are constantly keeping our hosts up to date with new and hidden features in the software that will make the games and nights more fun for the customers.  They also frequently discuss other ideas with other hosts for new ways to run rounds or tackle any problems that occur frequently, such as persistently victorious teams, people trying to cheat, problematic players etc.

At the end of the day the host dedicates his full time to quizzes, on the night of the quiz and at home too.  As a full time profession, the host is able to dedicate his time to improving the event each week and there in lies the reason why they class themselves as professional hosts.  They are there to make sure that you don’t have to worry about any aspect of the quiz apart from serving the drinks to quizzers.

Why host yourself?

The reasons for hosting a quiz yourself are obvious really.  The cost of hiring a professional is an extra charge and if this is something you don’t think you will be able to afford then you may well choose to host yourself.  The SpeedQuizzing software is very easy to use and when the equipment is purchased it is delivered configured and ready to go for you.  If you’re not to fussed about the entertainment side of the quiz then it is quite easy to read from the laptop and work the software.

Another reason you might want to host yourself is that there might not even be a host local to you.  Currently, there are an impressive number of hosts around the UK but there are still areas that are relatively untouched.  In this instance you might not really have a choice to host it yourself but there is another option, which we will go into next.

What if there are no Pro Hosts near me?

A lot of our hosts are mobile DJs by trade and therefore host the quizzes mid week to keep their income coming in.  They are naturally entertainers, good with a microphone and have pretty much all the equipment needed in order to host the quiz anyway.  Perhaps contacting a local DJ and informing him of the quiz software and seeing whether he would be interested in taking it on would be an option.

We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the software and we are fully committed to getting you up and running as best as possible before the date of your first quiz.

What else can a Pro Host do for me?

As mentioned above, most Pro Hosts are also DJs or naturally entertainers.  We have come hosts that are stand up comedians, we also have some that are singers at the weekends.  Some of them, are naturally JUST quiz hosts.  Whatever they do as a business though, their main focus is to entertain.  As far as entertainers go, they are always looking for new and fun ways to improve a night that might follow on from the quiz.  Some of these hosts will play rounds of bingo or the ever popular Rock n Roll Bingo, some of them might DJ afterwards to keep people in, some may do Karaoke.  The chances are they do other things aside from quizzes but all of these things are designed to keep people in your venues for as long as possible, having another drink, or something to eat.

I hope the above has been useful and / or helpful to you, for more information on our already established hosts please contact us and we will be happy to point you in their direction.  Contact:



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