SpeedQuizzing used for Year 10 Academic Challenge at Thailand School

Despite the quiz event taking place in a futuristic ‘Samsung Smart Classroom’, equipped with sizeable LCD screen and many Android tablets, organiser and Technology Teacher Andrei Androsoff, incorporated SpeedQuizzing into the set up to run the quiz from.

Andrei Androsoff told us “Our English-language private school in Thailand periodically holds Academic Challenge quizzes. We had been using a system of whiteboards and manual score-keeping, and wanted a way to use our Android tablets to automate quiz responses. Our old method of mini-whiteboards and teachers frantically tallying scores was just too old-fashioned and stressful.

SpeedQuizzing in action at Thailand school


To my surprise, the best system I could find was not designed as educational software, but rather ‘pub quiz’ software from Speedquizzing! The software, with dedicated router, was responsive and fun to use. We used two rounds: “Multiple Choice” and “Buzzer”. It was a big improvement over the old system.
“Our students really enjoyed the quiz and we look forward to doing the next one!”

Anyone in education who is similarly looking for a classroom quiz solution, should give SpeedQuizzing a tryout. You can download the software for free and use it for free with up to 4 handsets (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, most Android phones and tablets).

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