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SpeedQuizzing goes web-based during COVID-19 pandemic

Until recently our flagship SpeedQuizzing 4 product was played in 1400 pubs and bars weekly over a Local Area Connection with players competing using our Android and Apple SpeedQuizzing apps. SpeedQuizzing has established itself as the global market leader for Smartphone Pub Quizzes and Trivia Events over the past ten years. However with the current social distancing rules in place, our main product has temporarily become redundant.

Introducing SpeedQuizzing Live

Therefore, as a temporary solution, we have created a web-based replacement called SpeedQuizzing Live (or SQLive for short). It is not yet as full featured as SpeedQuizzing 4, but considering we have created it quickly in response to the current global situation we think it is pretty impressive. It is a work in progress and we will continue to improve it until such a time when we can all go back to quizzing where God intended.. down the pub!

More information on SpeedQuizzing Live below.

SpeedQuizzing Live video walkthrough

Important stuff that doesn’t get mentioned in the video

  • SpeedQuizzing Live DOES NOT stream your voice or video. You need to host SpeedQuizzing Live over a communication platform such as Zoom, Skype or a Whatsapp call. We recommend ZOOM.
  • We don’t provide any support for the streaming side of things. All players taking part in your quiz will need to hear your voice and ideally also the sounds from your laptop.
  • SpeedQuizzing Live needs to be hosted from a laptop or Desktop computer and shouldn’t be hosted from a tablet.
  • Direct your players to this page which will explain to them how to view and take part in your quiz using two devices.

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