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No Pens. No Paper. No Cheating.

Two ways to Play!

SpeedQuizzing pro

The original smartphone pub quiz.

SpeedQuizzing live

Internet based smartphone quizzing.

Whether you're hosting a professional quiz in a pub or bar, or just hosting a fun quiz for your friends and family, we have the solution for you.

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The Smartest Smartphone Quiz.

Interactive Quiz/Trivia software with split second speed-bonus accuracy.

No Internet required so SpeedQuizzing will work reliably ANYWHERE!

Free to download and try, with loads of fun demo trivia content.

Host from a laptop. Play using any smart device.

Selectable buzzer sounds from player’s screens.

Trivia formats including Fastest Fingers, Buzz in, Multiple Choice, First Letter of the Answer Etc.

Public Speed Quizzes can be promoted on SQFINDER.COM

Use our trivia content, or create your own.


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The Verdict

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