About SpeedQuizzing

The SpeedQuizzing system has changed the way people today approach quiz events, but more specifically it has enabled the Great British pub quiz to evolve into something new. Gone is the slow pace. Gone is the cheating (that has undermined the integrity of pen and paper pub quizzes for many years) and the days where quiz contestants actually have to mark each others question sheets is thankfully also now a thing of the past.

SpeedQuizzing’s quiz game software heralds a new age of high-energy smartphone pub quizzing where the fast-paced game style takes trivia nights to new heights while ensuring it is impossible to cheat.


Introduction to smartphone pub quizzing

A smartphone pub quiz is a public SpeedQuizzing event that runs regularly (normally weekly in a pub or bar) and are promoted/listed on this website.

Whether you simply want to find a smartphone pub quiz to attend, or you wish to start one of your own, the links/buttons below will take you directly to the information you require.

Host it yourself

I would like to present my own regular smartphone pub quizzes at my pub/bar using the SpeedQuizzing software on my own laptop.

Hire a pro’

I would like you to help us locate a presenter/DJ to provide the full package, hosting a smartphone pub quiz at our pub/bar.

Pub Quiz 2.0

Our news feed covering anything relating to the evolution of the Great British pub quiz..

See it in action !!

There is no better or quicker way to understand our product than to watch this short video of a smartphone pub quiz in action.

- John Leach - Co Founder, SpeedQuizzing

Attend one

Check out our event listings pages to see if there is a smartphone pub quiz near you..

Quiz hosts directory

View the profile pages of all active smartphone pub quiz hosts. It’s like Facebook for quizmasters!


Find and share photos of you and your friends at recent smartphone pub quiz events..

DJ or quiz presenter.. your training starts here!

Whether you are a DJ looking for midweek work or a traditional quiz presenter who is tired of the boring pen and paper format, the message is the same..

There is money to be made hosting smartphone pub quizzes
and private SpeedQuizzing events

Get me started!

I am an individual who would like to become a professional SpeedQuizzing presenter..


Check out the many, many reasons how SpeedQuizzing can benefit you..

Sign up today

Serious about using SpeedQuizzing professionally? Then fill in our simple sign up form..

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Free Download

Anyone can download and start using SpeedQuizzing right now. It works with minimal configuration over most Wifi networks..

Learn How

Check out some of our great learning resources..

News / FAQs

Our Software News and FAQs pages can be found here..

Private SpeedQuizzing Events

Private SpeedQuizzing events are great fun and can be held anywhere.. such as a hotel, conference hall, party venue, social club or restaurant.

Host it yourself

I would like to host my own private SpeedQuizzing event using my own laptop.

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Hire a pro’

I would like to book a professional presenter to come and host my private SpeedQuizzing event.

SpeedQuizzing in the classroom

Because SpeedQuizzing is such a strong concept, all over the world maverick teachers have been adapting it for use in the classroom.


Get me started

I am a teacher and I would like to know how I can use SpeedQuizzing in the classroom.


  • When we discovered the new future proof quiz “SpeedQuizzing” we were able to stay ahead with a novel yet obvious in the fact that the future of quizzes must include smartphone or else is would be the death of the the pub quiz as we know them to be.

  • Alan has been a QUIZMASTER for several years and the new SPEEDQUIZZING concept is just amazing and I have fallen in love with it. Bye bye pens and paper as there is simply no time to GOOGLE the answers (Boo to all you cheaters lol).

  • I have been hosting quizzes for over 12 years. Now out of the pub game I keep my hand in with this fantastic new take of trivia fun.