SQ Host Interview: Mike Prince

Name? (and company you operate for if you do)

I work for myself although I buy the SpeedQuizzing pack from Unit One.

Where do you live?

I live in Swinton, Manchester.

Which venues do you host quizzes at?

Sunday – White Horse, Swinton (SpeedQuizzing)

Monday – Trevor Arms, Chorlton (Pen & Paper).

Tuesday – White Horse (Pen & Paper).

Wednesday – Kings Head – Eccles (SpeedQuizzing).

How long have you been hosting quizzes?

I’ve been hosting quizzes since around 1990 (about 25 yrs)

How long have you been using the SpeedQuizzing software?

I’ve been SpeedQuizzing about 12 months now.

Favourite Quiz team name?

There are a few funny ones but my favourite is ‘Quiz on my face’

Which of your venues is the most popular?

White Horse, Swinton.

Which of your venues is the rowdiest / best atmosphere?

White Horse, Swinton…….it’s crazy and I love this place.

If you could host a quiz anywhere where would it be?

My first choice would be my local which is only 50 yards away, no driving and I could have a pint or three (how good would that be?) and my second choice would be somewhere in Australia, they seem to have a great sense of humour down under.

What’s your favourite thing about SpeedQuizzing?

I consider the advanced buzzer round is my favourite because I’m running about like a blue-arsed fly and they all have a laugh at my expense.

Do you use any unique rounds / ideas / features of your own or do you just stick to the SpeedQuizzing format?

Just the usual SpeedQuizzing rounds but I have themes for the sound clips, I.E. songs from films, guitar solos, 80s, 90s etc….you get the idea.

Any tips for people wanting to host quizzes?

I think the most important tip is that the host must make it as interesting as possible with him/her making some sort of banter in between questions and rounds, and if possible, go to each team and have a chat with them……TV personalities Dick & Dom came to join in my quiz the other night and commented on how entertaining it was.

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