Smartphone pub quizzes get REALLY evil

We’ve done our absolute best to ensure that SpeedQuizzing has been a joyously disruptive presence in the pubs and bars of the UK over the past few years, shaking up the tired and ailing format of the pub quiz and giving it a whole new lease of life through allowing players to participate using their touch-screen devices; both improving the gameplay experience and ruling out cheating for good in one fell swoop (if you’re quizzing on your smartphone, there’s no way you can be looking up the answers on it at the same time!)


However, we are not without our nasty streak, and we’ve just set about proving it by adding a new feature to the system; the ominously named ‘Evil Mode’. Tipped as a future scourge of the quizzerati, this game-changing feature leaves players facing a serious gameplay re-think. A new addition to SpeedQuizzing’sKeypad Games’, Evil Mode ratchets the jeopardy levels up by several notches towards the end of a quiz. But how specifically?


In a regular Keypad round, players aim to win points by making their best guess at the correct answer – if they choose correctly, they score. If they guess wrong, nothing happens. Evil Mode flips the game on its head by tweaking these rules, so a correct answer still scores you points, but incorrect answers mean you LOSE points, which means that when Evil Mode is in play, the stakes are twice as high.

Think of it like this: when you’re answering a question in a regular Keypad round you’re like Indiana Jones clobbering a hoodlum. In Evil Mode, you’re Indiana Jones leaping into thin air to get to the Holy Grail. What do you mean “That’s an outlandish analogy”?!


The key to coping with Evil Mode is conservative quizzing. And when we say that, we don’t mean you need to have George Osborne on your side, we mean you need to be careful with your guesses; only answer if you’re at least fairly sure of the answer. 25% sure stabs in the dark will get you nowhere good here. Evil Mode demands cautious, clever and cerebral quizzing; the chance to win a prize and the glory that comes with a quiz win depends on it.

Only pub quizzes using the SpeedQuizzing system have features as exciting as this. Find one near you!

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