QuizFest 2017

We’ve spent a fair few months now looking forward to QuizFest since it was first announced by Quiz Britain last year. The date for it was 29th July 2017 at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, and we were heading along to show people what SpeedQuizzing was about and where it placed in the world of Pub Quiz events.

Attending the event was a vast array of celebs in and out of the world of quizzing including; Kevin, Pat, Dave, Steve, Chris and Barry from Eggheads. Paul Sinha, Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbett from The Chase. Then John Challis, Murray Walker, Helen Lederer, David Hamilton, Nicholas Parsons and Christopher Biggins.


We set ourselves up in the same room as some of The Chasers were and we got on to showing a lot of families and professional quiz players what SpeedQuizzing was about, all of which were obviously impressed by the product and how it worked. A lot of them commented on how pleased they were to see something that prevented cheating in Pub Quizzes and it was a refreshing approach.

Towards the end of the day, the three Chasers came over to compete against each other. This obviously drew quite a crowd and the pressure mounted on them. They were all obviously very accurate and very quick. In the end Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbett tied for 2nd place whilst Paul Sinha got himself an 8 point lead. This was one of the highlights for the weekend for us as we love to hear from professional quiz players about our product.

In the evening, there was a professional quiz along with a fun quiz taking place in the museum.  We decided to take part ourselves (even though it was boring pen and paper). We didn’t do too badly to be honest but frustratingly (and somewhat conveniently for us) they didn’t announce the placings below fifth place at all. So we can definitely confirm we weren’t above fifth. Lets just assume we were sixth, aye?

Back at the hotel we were staying in we got talking to a lot of the Chasers and Eggheads in the bar area as they were all staying in the same place as ourselves. It was great to network with them and get their feedback on SpeedQuizzing.

Overall, we had a great time at QuizFestUK 2017 and we hope the event continues to get larger and larger as a quizzing event in the calendar.

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