SpeedQuizzing at BPM 2014

BPM at The NEC

BPM is an annual trade event for DJ and pro-audio gear held at The NEC in Birmingham, this year running from the 12th to the 14th of September. As one of the biggest events of it’s kind in the UK, BPM is a significant event in the calendar for many involved in DJing and entertainment technology.

Why exhibit SpeedQuizzing at a DJ event?

Funnily enough,around 75% of all existing SpeedQuizzing hosts are or were mobile DJs, due to the many similarities between the two trades. DJs are generally very comfortable setting up tech/gear and used to addressing a crowd with a microphone. Through our slogan “Creating midweek work for DJs since 2012”, we are playing on the fact that it is pretty hard for a mobile DJ, in the current economic climate, to find paid DJ work from Mondays through to Thursdays. Therefore, we encourage them to add smartphone quiz hosting as another string to their bows. With this in mind, BPM seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase SpeedQuizzing and grab the attention of some budding quiz host talent.

SpeedQuizzing at BPM 2014

The Exhibition: A new quiz starting every 10 minutes…

SpeedQuizzing at BPM 2014

SpeedQuizzing co-creator Alan Leach, accompanied by fellow quiz hosts Jamie Webber and Stoo Pittaway, manned our stand, discussing the concept of SpeedQuizzing with attendees and distributing our promotion flyers (below left). In order to stand out from the crowd at the exhibition, and highlight the fun and fast nature of the quiz, it was clear that we needed to get people involved. Throughout the event, a new quiz was started every 10 minutes – meaning our extensive range of questions certainly came in handy.

I Kicked Ass at BPM 2014 T-Shirt

Using our own Samsung tablets, preinstalled with the SpeedQuizzing app, everyone passing by the stand was encouraged to join the fun and try SpeedQuizzing for themselves – hopefully getting a few questions right! As expected of an event centred around DJs and pro-audio equipment, the venue was very loud. Therefore, each question was read out and displayed on a projector screen. Like any good pub quiz, top prizes were up for grabs as we gave out our “I kicked ass at the BPM 2014 Smartphone Quiz” t-shirts to the winning teams.

Aside from the fact that Alan (who isn’t a big fan of repetitive dance music) had to endure three days of loud techno beats banging at him from every direction whilst hosting the quiz, the event was a roaring success for SpeedQuizzing.

Increase in business since BPM

BPM was a great chance for us to demonstrate the potential of our smartphone quiz to lots of new people and spark the interest of DJs who want to bring their pub quizzes into the future with SpeedQuizzing. Seeing the quiz in action, and getting involved themselves, the event highlighted to many DJs just how easy it is to start hosting their own quiz. Running so many quizzes also enabled us to showcase the diversity of SpeedQuizzing through different game-play styles. Since the event, we have experienced a marked increase in new users, providing clear evidence that people gained a positive understanding of the software at BPM.

[blockquote align=”center” author=”John Leach, SpeedQuizzing co-creator.”] After the success of BPM, we will definitely be looking to have a presence at other trade events in the future.[/blockquote]

The response we gathered from the BPM event has highlighted the vast potential of trade events for SpeedQuizzing, so with this event proving such a success, you may just be seeing SpeedQuizzing at a trade event near you!


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