What makes the SpeedQuizzing questions so different?

Whilst there are noticeable differences between a standard Pub Quiz and a Smartphone Quiz, such as using your Smartphones, team buzzers, instant answer & scores etc  The core of SpeedQuizzing fundamentally is all about the content and the questions that make it so different.

Back in the day I would have put together a quiz which consisted of a general knowledge round, a sport round, a music round, a picture round etc and at first when I came across the SpeedQuizzing format I was really adverse to mixing it all up and not theming anything at all. However, after time I started to appreciate how much better it is to do in this format.

Everyone has their specialist subjects, usually on a team you would have someone good at sport, someone good at music and so on. As well as this, you would have someone that hates history questions and someone who hates geography questions and so on.  I never really thought about it before but if a round came up that you didn’t like at all, wouldn’t you just switch off for the 10 questions or so until the next round came up?  What if the next round was something you weren’t any good at either? That’s a whole 20 questions that you either had no interest in or could not answer.

SpeedQuizzing question packs are made up of a random assortment of questions and categories.  The database that the questions come from is designed so that you should get an even variety of categories as well.  For example; 1 film question, 1 history question, 1 celebrity question, 1 film picture question, 1 music question, 2 sport questions (but different sports) etc.  This is to ensure that every member of the team is fully focused in the game.  If a question came up you didn’t know, you only have to wait until the next question to potentially get something you might be good at.  Everyone is fully immersed in the quiz then, no one is taking a back seat.

As well as this SpeedQuizzing likes to add an element of fun and difference into it’s quiz packs.  These are things that don’t even really fall into the usual quiz categories.  These are perhaps a maths question, a cryptic picture clue to a tv show, a close up of an everyday object and you are required to work out what it is or maybe even questions about spelling.  Whilst you might get unusual rounds at quizzes, SpeedQuizzing throws these in to keep the variety even greater in the quiz packs you buy.

We understand that a lot of our hosts write their own quiz rounds and still stick to the themed round variety but I would suggested that you try using one of the SpeedQuizzing packs just for a couple of weeks to see how it goes down.  I know that now I use them all the time and it’s the best way to host my quizzes.

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