SQ Host Interview: Tony Murphy

Where do you live?

Stockport, Cheshire

Are you a DJ and if so where do you DJ?

I am a mobile DJ, and as it states MOBILE I will DJ anywhere.

How did you find out about SpeedQuizzing?

I was covering pen and paper quizzes for sometime, and was aware of it, then I was asked to cover a SpeedQuiz……I was hooked.

Which venues do you host quizzes at?

Hallam University( Sheffield), The Carousel (Stockport), The Lloyds (Chorlton Manchester), Gorsehill (Stretford Manchester) and another starting in a couple of weeks, in Stockport.

How long have you been hosting quizzes?

Pen and paper for about 5 years.

How long have you been using the SpeedQuizzing software?

18 months.

Favourite Quiz team name?

Oscar Pistorius dance class, Madeline McCan’t, Shy Teds, Abu Hamza’s Sock Puppets, Quiz Quiztopherson …… I do like the (not so) subtle ones.

Which of your venues is the most popular?

Easily Hallam students union, it’s the busiest night in the union bar, with 150+ players

Which of your venues is the rowdiest / best atmosphere?

Again Hallam, but the atmosphere at the Gorsehill is great, with banter and all teams singing and dancing to their buzzers.

If you could host a quiz anywhere where would it be?

House of Commons, it would be a great way to resolve political differences.

What’s your favourite thing about SpeedQuizzing?

The way it has completely changed pub quizzing, and watching the transition when people grasp the concept, and love it.

Do you use any unique rounds / ideas / features of your own or do you just stick to the SpeedQuizzing format?

I always do a theme for the music round on a theme, Ginger Singers Who Aren’t Ed Sheeran was a favourite.

Any tips for people wanting to host quizzes?

Enjoy it, walk around, have fun and WHEN you mess it up laugh it off

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