SpeedQuizzing Version 3 is here

V3.. of the SpeedQuizzing host software is here!

Along with stability improvements there are three new major features…


  1. Live Screen
  2. Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu
  3. Easy Activate

1. Live Screen



The Live Screen feature allows hosts to output a second display to a computer monitor, projector, or TV screen providing contestants with a wealth of extra visuals during and in between SpeedQuizzing games.

The Live Screen can comprehensively display the scoreboard or slideshow as well as in-play game info such as questions and answers, multiple choice options, along with picture questions and results etc. The team name can also flash up in an appealing full-screen graphic whenever a team buzz in or are awarded bonus points.

Find out more about the Live Screen here

2. Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu

Since V1 the presenter has been able to select a unique Buzzer ID sound for each individual handset/team from within the SpeedQuizzing host software.

However, new in V3… is a feature which allow’s teams to choose their own sound from a list on their handset-screen at the beginning of the game.

Find out more about the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu here

3. Easy Activate

Do you find Activation Keys a pain to download and drag and drop? Well Easy Activate does away with the need for this procedure. You still need to book your activation in advance but then simply open the SpeedQuizzing software (making sure you are connected to the internet) and it will ask you if you want to install your upcoming key? giving you the option to click “Yes Install Key” or “No Skip”.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 07.54.00

In addition to this you can manually initiate Easy Activate by clicking in the bottom right hand corner box. And click Check Now.