Quickstart guide using SpeedQuizzing Router/Hub

Check list

I’ve taken delivery of my SpeedQuizzing Hub.

I have the SpeedQuizzing software installed on my PC or Mac.

I already have the free SpeedQuizzing player app installed on at least one compatible smart device.

Connecting the Hub

  • Power on the Hub and connect an ethernet cable between one of the Hub’s LAN sockets and the ethernet socket on your laptop. When the router is booted, the middle LED on the Hub will be flashing.
  • A green router icon in the SpeedQuizzing software indicates that you are ready to connect handsets.

NOTE: If your laptop doesn’t have an Ethernet socket, then you can connect the laptop wirelessly to the “Quiz” WiFi network. However we recommend in this situation that you purchase a compatible Ethernet adaptor.

  • With the SpeedQuizzing app already installed, take a smart device , and join the ‘Quiz’ WiFi network in the device’s WiFi settings.
  • Launch the app, input a team name and hit Enter.
  • The app will briefly scan and you should then see a green connect button in the app.
  • If the Scan/Connect button is not green then you have likely connected to the wrong WiFi network in the app.

Green Connect button

  • After pressing the green Connect button you should see the corresponding team name appear in the teams list on the left hand side of the host software on the laptop.

Note: If the handset won’t connect even though both the Router icon and the Connect button are green, then a Windows Firewall or Anti-Virus software Firewall (or sometimes both) is blocking the connection. SpeedQuizzing needs to be allowed through all public and private Firewalls on the LaptopIn addition to this, some smartphones require ‘Mobile Data‘ to be switched off in the phone’s settings.

  • Once connected, the team name from the app will appear in the Teams list on the left hand side of the laptop screen and the handset will automatically display a list of Buzzer ID sounds.


  • The Buzzer ID sounds are an integral part of SpeedQuizzing. However, if you aren’t able to amplify the audio output from the laptop at your event, then you can find out how to disable this feature here.
  • Once you have some team names in your Teams List, you are ready to proceed onto how to host a Keypad Game.