Scoreboard mode

Scores Reader mode

When in between rounds, SpeedQuizzing can be put into Scores Reader mode by clicking the Scores button.

This provides a way of reading out the scores whilst adding some atmosphere by playing the cheering sound effect.

Hit the Next button at the same time as announcing the team name to play the cheering sound effect at the same time as moving up the scoreboard to the next team.

Note: With Live-screen enabled, the Live-screen will follow as you read through the scores.

Scoreboard (on handsets)

There are two ways to display the scoreboard on the handset screens.

In between rounds, or in between questions.


In between rounds

On the General tab, ticking the Handset box and enabling Scoreboard will display the scoreboard on device screens in between rounds.

In between questions

In addition to this it is possible to display the scoreboard on devices in between questions, throughout a round. This is enabled in Preferences.

Live Screen Scoreboard

As well as mirroring the Scores Reader, (See above) The Livescreen can scroll trough the whole scores automatically. See more about the Livescreen here.