Quick Questions

What is a Quick Question?

A Quick Question is a standard computer file such as a .txt file that has been saved using a filename which translates into a quiz question and answer. This can include multiple choice options where applicable.

The file can be loaded into the SpeedQuizzing software in order to display the question on the screen (as well as the optional LiveScreen).

Files can be loaded in one at a time, or alternatively, can be bundled in a standard Windows or Mac folder. These folders, containing multiple Quick Questions, can be dragged on to the SpeedQuizzing screen and used like a regular Quizpack.

Text file Quick Question  .txt

This question will display as….

Picture file Quick Question   .jpg  .jpeg  .png

A .Jpeg picture file can be named as a Quick Question instantly becoming a Picture Quick Question.

Audio Quick Question  .mp3  .wav  .m4a

Perhaps the most welcome use of the Quick Question feature is the ability to name an Audio File such as an Mp3, Wav or m4a, thus allowing you to convert your own purchased music into Quick Questions. SpeedQuizzing will display the question (contained in the filename) on the screen whilst allowing you to play the audio from within the SpeedQuizzing software, complete with optional start and end loop points.

Note: Audio Quick Questions are only recommended to be used with Keypad games and are not recommended for use with Buzzin’ games.

How to create a Quick Question

To locate the Quick Questions folder in the SpeedQuizzing 4 Docs folder, click the white folder icon.

In here you will find folders containing some free example Quick Questions along with a help file giving detailed guidance on how to create Quick Questions.

In addition to this, there is a folder containing template Quick Questions for each of the different game formats. These files can be duplicated and then used to create Quick Questions.

Here is an example using the Multiple Choice three-option template file.

Which could be used to create…

Note: Underscores are used to separate the necessary parts of the question.

Note: Certain characters cannot be used in filenames. Therefore alternatives can be used which will be translated in the SpeedQuizzing software. In the example above, we are using ^^ to denote a ? (question mark).

Find extensive information regarding this in the Quick Questions Help File. This is found in the Quick Questions folder.

How to load Quick Questions into SpeedQuizzing

Method 1. Drag and drop

Dragging a compatible Quick Question file from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder directly onto the SpeedQuizzing software during a Keypad, Buzzin’ or Nearest Wins round will insert that question into the round.

Note: There are times when this won’t work, such as when you are in the middle of a question . For instance, where a Keypad question has been answered but the fastest team hasn’t yet been announced.

Method 2. Using a Quick Question folder

Unlike the method above, the Quick Question folder method allows you to open multiple Quick Questions as a round or as a section of questions.

Create an empty folder on your computer and name it, incorporating one of these codes.

QQFK for a Keypad folder
QQFC for a Buzzin Classic folder
QQFA for a Buzzin Advanced folder
QQFN for a Nearest Wins folder
The code can appear anywhere in the folder name. For instance…

Fill this folder with multiple keypad Quick Question files.

You can also number the files in a folder so that they appear in a specific order. for example 05 QQ_What is…