Stuff you’ll need

Laptop computer.

Computer to host SpeedQuizzing onWindows or Mac laptop on which you will install the Quiz Hosting Software and from where the presenter will read the questions and announce the results.

Recommended system requirements for SQPro 4 hosting software;


  • Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • 15″ screen – 1280 * 1080 resolution
  • Intel® i5 6400 processor or better, AMD® Ryzen 5 or better
  • 8 GB RAM or more


  • OS X 10.15 “Catalina” or later
  • 13″ screen
  • Intel® i5 6400 processor or better; Apple Silicon M1
  • 8 GB RAM

Feature Requirements

The more advanced features in the software such as the livescreen and teams above 30 or more will require more processing power and more CPU Cores the more that are used, if you use reporting, livescreen and other features at the same time we recommend at least a 6 core CPU.

Quiz Hosting Software

The SpeedQuizzing software installs on the Laptop. Download the Quiz Hosting Software for free here.

Smart Devices

Teams download the free SpeedQuizzing app onto their own smart devices. A smart device can be any Android or Apple tablet or smartphone.

Note: Only one smart device is required per team.

Hub (also known as router)

The SpeedQuizzing Hub allows the players’ handsets to communicate with the Quiz Hosting SoftwareIt is possible to demo the system using a standard home WiFi network, however for professional use, a SpeedQuizzing Hub must be purchased. Check it out here.

Network Cable

A Network/Ethernet cableA standard Network cable (rather than a WiFi connection) is recommended to connect the Hub to the laptop.

SpeedQuizzing User Account

Create a SpeedQuizzing User Account now for free.

Paypal Account

SpeedQuizzing utilise PayPal to take payment for services. (Other methods of payment may be available to larger organisations).

Other equipment you will likely want to consider.

Microphone / Sound System

Unless you have a really loud voice and are only hosting to a small handful of people, a microphone connected into an adequate sound system is required in order for instructions and quiz questions to be read out loud and clear.

Amplified Audio Output

Illustration showing audio speakersThe sounds generated by the SpeedQuizzing software through the host computer’s headphone output are a big part of the SpeedQuizzing experience. These should be amplified loud and clear for all players to hear.

Mixer/Mixing Desk

A common way to combine microphone and computer audio output, is to put them both into a sound system, using a compact mixing desk.