Buzzer ID sounds


By default, once players connect to SpeedQuizzing, they are presented with a list of sounds to choose from. This allows them to choose their own buzzer ID sound from a list on their handset-screen.


Visual Feedback

A flashing red speaker icon on the corresponding team name indicates that a team have not yet picked their Buzzer ID Sound.

Re-selecting a Buzzer ID from the handset screen.

In most cases a team will only need to select a Buzzer ID once, however in some cases they may want to change their selection. Therefore this mode can be re-initiated manually by the host.

Here’s how…

  • Click on the team name in the host software to open the Player / Team options page.
  • Press the Device sound select button to re-display the Buzzer ID list on the corresponding team’s handset. This allows them to choose a new sound from their handset screen.

Disabling buzzer ID sounds Preferences.

The Buzzer ID Sounds section in SpeedQuizzing Preferences allows you to switch between different folders which contain different types of audio to be used as Buzzer ID sounds.


Disabling the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu?

There aren’t many instances where a host wouldn’t want to allow players to select their own sounds from the handset screen, however this feature can be disabled globally in the SpeedQuizzing Preferences page.

Replace the Buzzer ID sounds?

The included set of sounds serve a purpose but they can be improved on by purchasing new ones or creating your own. Find out more here