Testing handsets and familiarising teams with their ID sounds

Device ID sounds

Device ID sounds, also known as Buzzer Sounds are audio clips allocated to each team and are played when…

A. A team answers correctly, fastest in Keypad games.

B. A team buzzes in during Buzzin’ games.

Testing Device ID sounds

Once you have everyone in position and they have selected their Device ID Sounds, you can optionally allow them to preview their selected sound for everyone to hear.

Here’s how..

  • Announce that you are going to “Preview buzzers“.
  • Open the Player / Team Options for the first team by tapping on their name at the top of the teams list (Left).

  • Tick the box labelled ‘Test Devices/Sounds‘.
  • Once ticked you can ask the corresponding team to “tap their screen on their handset“. This will trigger their unique ID sound for everyone to hear.
  • Once their sound has finished playing you can cursor down to the next team by using the arrows on the screen or the cursor arrows on your computer keyboard.
  • You can now ask the next team to “tap their screen” to play their sound. Continue until all teams have successfully played their unique buzzer ID sounds.