Help with promoting your event

Promotional Options

1. Downloadable SpeedQuizzing Graphics folders.

There are two different graphics folders to choose from. This PDF will help you decide which one to download. Brand Guidelines PDF Please don’t use any of the graphics without first reading the PDF file.

If you are happy to embrace the SpeedQuizzing brand as your own and not include any of your own graphics and logos, then you can download this comprehensive folder which includes logos and graphics. SpeedQuizzing Brand Partner Graphics Folder.

However if you prefer to use SpeedQuizzing as a tool and promote your events using your own brand with its own look, then you should download the  Own Brand Partner Graphics Folder where you’ll have a wide selection of pre-made badges to include in your own artwork, like this one.


2. Easy to use Poster Maker (web application)

Use our Poster Maker web application to create a high resolution image to download and print.


3. Table Talkers

Table talkers are a great way of advertising your weekly event whilst also displaying instructions on how to join the quiz. Packs of 50 can be delivered within one week and are printed on 350g card.
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