Pocket Hub Firmware and Documentation

Pocket Hub Instruction Manual

Download the Pocket Hub Instruction manual here.


Black Pocket Hub Firmware Upgrade

Note: If you purchased your black hub after March 1 2022 then it will have the most recent firmware installed and no action is required.

Update r0550 (25/2/2022) for the black Pocket Hub includes:

  • Improved performance. General performance improvement, estimated at 20% more reliability, speed and connection count.
  • Improved security. General security has been improved including the option to isolate wireless clients.
  • Reduced Scan Time. The scanning time on player devices is reduced considerably, often resulting in detecting the host instantaneously and not showing the scan button at all.
  • Improved on-screen feedback. Better integrated feedback within the SQPRO 4.6 software. 
  • Multi-MasterHub mode. Multi-MasterHub mode is an advanced feature which enables multiple pocket hubs to work together in Master mode when used in conjunction with additional USB to Ethernet adaptors, thus potentially greatly improving performance by combining the power of multiple Pocket Hubs.

Firmware Update Instructions

To update the Pocket Hub’s Firmware, follow these instructions…

  1. Before connecting the Pocket Hub to your computer, download the Firmware Update r0550 here.
  2. Extract the firmware BIN file from the ZIP file to somewhere on your computer where you can locate it later.
  3. With the slider switch to the left (Master), power up and connect the Pocket Hub to your computer via Ethernet cable. Wait for the middle LED to start blinking.
  4. Input in a web browser and hit Return. (The default admin password will be ‘quizzing’ if you’ve not previously changed it. Note: If you have previously changed the Admin password on the Hub and can’t remember what it is, you can hold the button on the side for 7 seconds to reset it to factory defaults where the password will then be ‘quizzing’.)
  5. To install the update, click the Flash Firmware tab on the left and upload the previously unzipped BIN firmware file using the Choose File and Flash Image buttons followed by Proceed. (Note, it can take up to 20 seconds for the ‘Proceed‘ button to appear)
  6. IMPORTANT: After clicking Proceed wait 5 minutes and make sure the middle LED on the hub has started blinking again, before removing the Ethernet cable or powering off the device.