Silent Timer (for audio questions)

Silent Timer (for Audio Questions)

The Silent Timer feature is very simple and is linked to the sortcut key ‘1’ or Green on the Quizmaster’s handset. It serves a very basic function which is to mute the sound of the 10 second countdown during a Keypad question.

This allows a host to play a piece of music for a Keypad question and keep it playing right through to the end of the 10 second timer without a clash of sounds.

How to operate

This is an example of one way in which it could be used.
Have a song pre-prepared in iTunes or Spotify, for instance, Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love’. Set up an On The Fly Letters Question.
Announce: “I’m going to play approximately 20 seconds of a piece of music. In which time you must input the first letter of the name of the song”.

Set the song playing in iTunes before moving back to the SpeedQuizzing host screen. After approximately 10 seconds of music press the Start Silent Timer button (or hit number 1 on your computer keyboard).

The countdown will count down but wont make any noise. This allows the song to play in iTunes until the timer ends. Then it is just a case of stopping the song and marking the On The Fly Question with a “C” for Crazy In Love.

Note: If you prefer preparing your questions in advance, using the SpeedQuizzing Question Manager, the Silent End Question button will also work on your own Quizpacks.

Note: When using Audio ‘Quick Questions’, the Silent Timer feature is automatically applied without the need for a separate button.