Adding new Buzzer ID sound clips


Creating your own Buzzer ID Sounds

Any short audio clip file with the file extension .mp3 or WAV will work as a Buzzer ID sound.

Note: It is important that you are careful not to breach any Copyright Laws when playing audio in public.

Instructions on how to add Buzzer ID Sounds in SpeedQuizzing 4

To open the SpeedQuizzing 4 Documents folder, click on the white folder icon in the SpeedQuizzing software…

…Now select the Sounds folder followed by the Buzzers folder.
Add the your new sound-files to an existing folder, or create a new folder.

Then go to SpeedQuizzing Preferences and select the required Buzzer ID folder from the drop-down list.

Licensed ready-made SpeedQuizzing Buzzer ID Sounds

We have partnered with to create 150 bespoke SpeedQuizzing Buzzer ID Sounds using short blasts of PPL UK licensed popular music. All of which have been professionally selected, edited and mastered to work with SpeedQuizzing.

There are five Music Factory SpeedQuizzing Compilations to choose from, each consisting of 30 Buzzer ID Sounds. Each Clip averages around 5 seconds of music and each Compilation contains a mixture of various hit songs to suit all ages and musical tastes.

Whether you need to purchase one Compilation or multiple depends on the amount of connected devices you expect to have taking part at your events and how much choice you want to give your players.
Unfortunately these are only available for use in the UK.

Price £10 per 30 clip-compilation.

Try volume 1 for free by creating a user account and using this voucher code: BSV01

Claim your 30 free professionally created High Quality Buzzer Sounds.

UK SpeedQuizzing Customers can use this Voucher Code to download 30 FREE High Quality Music Buzzer Sounds to use in place of, or alongside the Basic Buzzer Sounds that come packaged with the SpeedQuizzing software.
Volume 1 Voucher Code = BSV01

  • Go to
  • Create a Mastermix account.
  • Click Checkout.
  • Enter your code in the Promotion Code Box.
  • Click MY DOWNLOADS at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Download.
  • On the SpeedQuizzing 4 application, click the folder icon on the top menu bar, and drop the mp3 files in the ‘Sounds/Buzzers/Mastermix’ folder.
  • In SpeedQuizzing preferences, select the Mastermix folder in the Buzzer ID Sounds section.

All downloads from Mastermix / Buzzer Sounds are 100% legal and fully licensed for use in the UK by the copyright holders.

Note: You must ensure you are covered by the correct performance licences from PPL and PRS to copy, move or play the content in public.