What is the LiveScreen?

The LiveScreen feature allows hosts to output a second display to a computer monitor, projector or TV screen, providing contestants with a wealth of extra visuals during, and in between, SpeedQuizzing games.

The LiveScreen can comprehensively display the scoreboard or slideshow, as well as in-play game info such as questions, answers, multiple choice options, picture questions and results.

How to connect the LiveScreen?

  • Connect your external screen to your host computer using the relevant cable.
  • In your PC or Mac’s display settings, configure it to display an extension desktop on the second screen, as opposed to mirroring your main computer screen.
  • Once you have successfully achieved this, click the LiveScreen tick-box in the SpeedQuizzing host software.
  • This will automatically fill the second screen with the LiveScreen. (Deselecting the LiveScreen tick-box will close it again)

Display Modes

There are three modes which can be selected for the LiveScreen.

All modes are overridden by gameplay whenever a question is in play, but it is designed to display one of the other three modes in between rounds and also in between questions.

  • Simple mode. Shows a basic SpeedQuizzing logo whenever a question is not in play.
  • Slideshow mode. Rotates through the slides which can be searched, edited, replaced and ordered in real-time, by clicking the LiveScreen settings button.
  • Scoreboard mode. Lists teams’ Scores, scrolling through the teams when there are too many to fit on the screen at one time.

LiveScreen gameplay instructions

An important thing to remember is that the LiveScreen is not designed to replace a quiz presenter, it is there to aid the presenter.

The default functionality assumes that you do not want contestants to see a question displayed on the LiveScreen until it has already been read out verbally by the presenter. Therefore you just need to operate SpeedQuizzing as you would normally when not utilising the Livescreen.

Optional (show early) Key Press

There is, however, in most of the game formats, an optional key press to allow questions to appear on the Livescreen prior to starting the 10 second countdown.

  • Keypad, Nearest Wins and Buzzin’ Advanced. Games by default won’t show the Question on the LiveScreen until the 10 second timer has started. However, if you would like to display the question on the LiveScreen prior to this, you can press the purple Show on LiveScreen button which corresponds to number 6 on the computer keyboard and the Purple button on the optional Quizmaster’s Handset.

Note: Caution is advised when revealing a question on the LiveScreen prior to reading it out, as it can turn into a “Who’s the fastest reader” game, rather than who knows the answer first.

  • Buzzin’ Classic. This works slightly differently, whereby the question won’t show on the LiveScreen at all unless you press the Show now button.
  • Clips Round is very straight forward with no need for the Show now button.

Note: Another thing to watch out for is spelling questions. You wouldn’t want “How many letters are in the word “Rhythm” displaying on the LiveScreen. Therefore on questions where this could happen you can tick the LiveScreen Blur tick box which can be used to temporarily block the LiveScreen from displaying a particular question.