On The Fly

Using your own trivia content ‘On The Fly’

An On The Fly question can be introduced into any Keypad, Nearest Wins or Buzzin’ round. You can either do a complete round of On The Fly questions or you can insert an occasional On The Fly question into a round where you have already loaded a Quizpack.

How to ask an On The Fly question

  • In the Let’s Play screen click the On The Fly button on the keypad section to start an On The Fly Keypad round.

  • You need to have a question prepared in your head (or written down). Decide whether it is to be Letters, Multiple Choice or Numbers.

  • Let’s suppose you’ve clicked Letters. You now ask the question. “Name the drummer from the White Stripes?
  • Hit Start Timer, then at the end of the 10 seconds you will be presented with a virtual keypad on the host screen.

  • Input “M” for Meg White.
  • The results then appear on the screen the same way they would normally. For example: “4 teams answered correctly, the correct answer is M”.
  • This method work’s the same for Numbers, Multiple choice and Nearest Wins questions.

Note: On Buzzin’ questions On The Fly is even simpler since you don’t even need to input a letter.

To insert an On The Fly question into a loaded quizpack round, rather than an On The Fly round, simply hit the button at the top marked ‘On The Fly’ during a round.

Advantages of On The Fly

No need to plan ahead. Think of questions on the spot or read them from a piece of paper or trivia book.

  • Picture and Audio questions can also be included On The Fly by simply locating a JPEG or MP3 type files on your computer’s hard drive.
  • Throw in last minute ideas such as “Dave from behind the bar has just spilled a full glass of what drink all over a customer?” A. Beer… B. Vodka and coke… etc.
  • Available to new non-paying SpeedQuizzing users

Disadvantages of On The Fly

  • Live Screen won’t display On The Fly questions.
  • Quizmaster’s remote control handset wont display On The Fly questions.
  • Not everyone will like the idea of reading questions from a piece of paper or from memory.