Create a poster for your event in minutes

Design your first poster

Once you’ve booked your first public event it’s time to start promoting it. Use our Poster Designer web app to create a full colour, high resolution, printable JPEG document ready for printing.

Anyone requiring access to the poster designer for a private event or prior to booking a public event should contact us at the usual email address.

Follow these simple steps

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  1. Log into the Members Area and choose the Book Activation Date  option.
  2. Scroll down to just below the Event Promotion / Listing heading where your venue/venues are listed.
  3. Now click the Create a poster for this event link, next to the relevant POSTER DESIGNER label.
  4. On-screen instructions within the application will guide you from here.

The below image shows examples of posters generated with our Poster Designer..
This image shows two posters generated with Poster Designer