Speed Bingo


Speed Bingo is a Bingo style game which allows SpeedQuizzing teams to compete against each other using one on-screen Bingo card per team.

The on-screen bingo card is separated into four coloured columns, helping players to locate numbers quickly. There is  also a ‘Called Numbers’ section below the card.

Speed Bingo can be incorporated as part of a quiz to earn extra points, or alternatively the score settings can be set to zero for situations where you just want to host a bingo game for fun or for some other kind of spot prize which doesn’t affect the quiz scores.

Speed Bingo games can be for…

1 line across

2 lines across

or a Full house

Multiple games can be played back to back (i.e. a One Line Game, followed by a Two Line Game, followed by a Full House Game.  Alternatively, games can be inserted in between other SpeedQuizzing rounds and played over the course of an event. The cards will retain their state, allowing you to carry on where you left off.

The main difference between normal bingo and Speed Bingo is that extra speed bonus points can be awarded for the fastest team to complete a game. For instance, if three teams all complete a one-line game on the same number, the team who marked off the number fastest can be awarded additional speed bonus points.

Note: Speed Bingo is meant to be played for fun and we strongly advise against hosting Speed Bingo where significant prizes are at stake.

How to host Speed Bingo

  • With at least 2 devices connected to the host software in the teams list, select Play Bingo from File Menu.
  • For the purpose of these instructions, leave the settings on their defaults. (1 Line game, 4 points, 1 Speed Bonus point)
  • Click the Game Rules button and read out the instructions to players.
  • Click Start Round.
  • Call out the first randomly selected number from the host screen, then press space bar or hit the blue Next Number button (announcing the colour of the number will aid players in locating it on the screen).
  • Players who have the called number on their screens will tap it to make it go black.
  • Continue to repeat this process until a team successfully complete a line.

Important: When Speed Bonus point(s) are enabled, it is very important that no players are in a position to see the host’s laptop screen. Being able to see what number is due to be read out would give a team a huge unfair advantage, causing a team to be able to essentially fill in their card and trigger the end before the number has been read out. It is however possible to hide the large number by pressing number 3 on the computer keyboard.


  • The first team to successfully complete a line will trigger the end of the game and their buzzer sound will play to indicate that they were the fastest team to complete the line. A green call icon will also appear next to their name in the teams list.
  • In a situation where additional teams also successfully complete a line within three seconds of the fastest team completing, then an orange call icon will display next to their names to indicate that they have also successfully called, but were not the fastest to do so.

Here you can see that Bingo Wings have filled the line first followed by Speed Bingers a moment later.

  • Any teams failing to call within three seconds of the first team completing the line will fail to register a call.

Game Progress

During a game of bingo you can optionally Display game progress. This number indicates how many numbers a team are away from being able to complete the game

A zero indicates that they are in a position to win. However, it is important to note that this number decreases regardless of whether a team are actively marking off their card. There may therefore, be times where you expect a team to call by completing the line, but they’ve missed a number so they don’t. This feedback is primarily intended for you the host and would in most cases be kept secret from players. It is advised that you continue reading out numbers regardless of how many teams are displaying a zero.

This image shows that Bingo Wings are in a position to call the line but they have not yet filled it.

Quick mode

Enabling Quick mode prior to starting a new game will cause games to be over quicker, by only using even numbers on the cards.

Configurable Bingo calls file

In some parts of the world bingo has traditionally had phrases associated with certain numbers such as 22 = “Two little ducks”.

A configurable text file can be found in the Bingo folder within the SpeedQuizzing Docs folder. This can be edited in a text editor to your liking. The default file contains a selection of old favourites with a few extra examples of our own.

You will notice we’ve included the corresponding colour in the call too. i.e. “Two little ducks, blue 22”, . Feel free to edit these however you see fit.