SpeedQuizzing Documents folder

It is important that users are aware of how to locate the SpeedQuizzing Documents folder on a PC or Mac as this is the default directory for…

  • Quiz Packs (Your Quizzes)
  • Quick Questions
  • Clips Rounds (Your Clips)
  • Buzzer ID sounds and other sound effects files (Sounds)

SpeedQuizzing V4

This SpeedQuizzing 4 Documents folder is installed directly into your Windows User folder or Mac Home folder.

The easiest way to locate this is to use the white shortcut icon from within the software.

SpeedQuizzing V3

The SpeedQuizzing Documents folder in version 3 was located in a different place. IE in the Windows or Mac Documents folder. There was no shortcut to this from within the software.

Copying files from SpeedQuizzing 3 to V4 docs

When installing V4, with V3 already installed. You will need to copy any files you need from the SpeedQuizzing Documents folder (V3) into the SpeedQuizzing 4 Documents folder. You will be given the option to copy these files automatically when first installing SpeedQuizzing Version 4.