Walkthrough for your first SpeedQuizzing event


This technical walkthrough is for anyone planning to host SpeedQuizzing Pro; such as a bar, workplace or freelance SpeedQuizzing presenter.

If you plan to hire a professional SpeedQuizzing presenter to come and host your event, then this DOESN’T apply to you.

Note: This checklist presumes that you have set a date for your first SpeedQuizzing event.

What will I need?

  • Laptop computer (Minimum 4 gig Ram and 13” screen).
  • SpeedQuizzing Wireless Hub (and included ethernet cable).
  • Sound system to amplify your voice (and the audio output from the laptop if possible).
  • Method of making payment using PayPal

What do I need to do?

Prior to your event…

Note: If your event is a public event, be sure to fill in the Event Details section so that it will be promoted on the SpeedQuizzing website.

  • Promote your event using the resources here.
  • Connect the SpeedQuizzing Hub (following the instruction booklet included).
  • Check that you can successfully connect smart devices using this Quick Start Guide
  • Read how to host the Keypad games here.
  • Familiarise yourself with the games, by hosting demo quizzes for colleagues/friends/family.
  • Consider upgrading the bundled Buzzer ID sounds. Find Out here.
  • Plan your event, layout of the room, sound system and optional Live Screen, etc.

On the big day prior to players arriving…

  • Install your previously booked Activation Date using Easy Activate in the SpeedQuizzing software and read through the three rounds of quiz questions provided. (This can be done on the day before if you prefer to see the questions in advance).
  • Set up centrally in the venue and check everything is working (Hub / Sound system etc).

Once your players have arrived…

  • Explain how to download the free SpeedQuizzing player app onto their smart devices using their mobile data or the venue’s Internet connection.
  • Once they have downloaded the app, ask them to “join the Quiz Hub WiFi network, open the app, enter a team name and hit Connect.”

Check out our Tent card / Table Talkers here to make it easier to promote and explain the quiz to customers.