Hidden Features

What are hidden features?

Hidden features are features which require the host to be aware of a particular procedure in order to make use of it.
For instance, pressing shift at a particular time may reveal a button that was otherwise hidden.

Hidden features include

Silent End Question
Fast Tracking
Reset Scores

Silent End Question (for Audio Questions)

The Silent End Question feature is very simple. It serves a very basic function which is to mute the sound of the 10 second countdown during a Keypad question.

This allows a host to play a piece of music for a Keypad question and keep it playing right through to the end of the 10 second timer without a clash of sounds.

Note, when using Audio ‘Quick Questions’, the Silent End Question feature is automatically applied without the need to press Shift.

How to operate

This is an example of one way in which it could be used.
Have a song pre-prepared in iTunes, for instance, Beyonce ‘Crazy In Love’. Set up an On The Fly Letters Question.
Announce: “I’m going to play approximately 20 seconds of a piece of music. In which time you must input the first letter of the name of the song”.

Set the song playing in iTunes before moving back to the SpeedQuizzing host screen. After approximately 10 seconds of music, hold shift and then the End Question button should change to look like this…

Start the timer whilst holding shift and the countdown will do its thing for the ten remaining seconds but wont make any noise. This allows the song to play in iTunes until the 10 seconds is up. Then it is just a case of stopping the song when the silent timer ends and marking the On The Fly Question with a “C” for Crazy In Love.

Note: If you prefer preparing your questions in advance, using the SpeedQuizzing Question Manager, the Silent End Question button will also work on your own Quizpacks.

Fast Tracking

Fast Tracking is the most radical of the hidden features. Fast Tracking is not for the faint hearted and is for hosts who want to shake things up in the keypad rounds.

Fast Tracking works best when you have 6 or more teams (but can work with less). It gives teams on the lower end of the leader board the chance to occasionally jump into 1st place.

It is a fun solution for weekly quizzes where the same teams are winning most weeks.

How to operate

Fast tracking doesn’t need to be enabled. Just announce the rules at the beginning of a keypad round.

  • Explain these Fast Track rules to players. At the end of the 10 second countdown, if the top three teams on the leader board have all failed to answer correctly, but your team HAVE answered correctly faster than everyone else, then rather than receive a speed bonus….. you will be Fast Tracked into 1st place !!!!!!!!”
  • Then at the end of each question, prior to announcing the fastest team, you need to manually check the top three teams on the team list. On the rare occasion that none of the top three teams have answered correctly, but at least one team from below has, then you announce that.. “There has been a Fast Track into first place”.
  • Then in place of announcing.. “For the fastest correct answer the bonus point goes to….” you announce.. “For the fastest correct answer, Fast tracked into first place it’s…..” then before hitting the blue button to reveal the fastest team, hold down shift to reveal the Fast Track Icon.

  • On pressing the Fast Track icon, rather than awarding speed bonus points, it will catapult the fastest correct team into first place by one point.

For more info, read this article linked below.

The importance of Fast Tracking in SpeedQuizzing

Reset Scores

This feature simply allows you to reset all teams scores to zero at the same time.

The Clear Teams button near the top of the software will change to a Reset Scores button whilst shift is held on the computer.