Naming issue

So long as you have the latest version of the SpeedQuizzing software and are you’re not using the 64 device Beta version, this issue is now taken care of by the software so you have nothing to concern yourself with.


A slight issue when unzipping your purchased MP3s from the Music Factory website is that they have more info in the file name than we would like.

As well as using underscores instead of spaces, they come with a two digit number at the beginning and 16 characters tagged on the end.


So long as you have the latest version of the SpeedQuizzing software, these artefacts will now be ignored by the software. Making 10-Carly_Rae_Jepsen-Call_Me_Maybe_Speed_Quiz_Edit  appear in the software like this Carly Rae Jepsen-Call Me Maybe.

However if you are still using a version 3.0.0 or older, (or the 64 device Beta version) then you have three options available to you.

  1. Make do with the song names including the extra info.
  2. Change each file-name manually.
  3. Use one of the multitude of auto-file-renaming methods to batch rename all of the files in one go.

For instance Namemangler for Mac will do the job at the click of a button using these settings. (Be sure to remove the cover.jpg file from your folder before batch renaming)

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 03.52.52

Note:   The Replace with: field contains a space.