Making Money with SpeedQuizzing

New Recruits


Hosting a SpeedQuizzing game show style quiz night, where players use their own smartphones to submit their answers, is a great deal of fun. It caters for a new generation of quiz goers who really favour this modern approach over the old paper and pen style pub quiz.

Photo of a quiz host

Below is a quick test to determine if hosting a quiz night in this style is right for you.

    • Would you like to earn $150 and upwards for an evening of fun work?
    • Are you microphone confident and a good clear reader?
    • Do you own or have access to a laptop computer that meets this specification?
    • Do you own or have access an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phone/tablet?
    • Do you own or have access a Wireless Router? (the home router that your broadband uses is fine to get started).
    • Would you know how to set up a sound system to amplify both your voice (through a microphone) along with you computer’s audio output?
    • Do you have a basic understanding of Wifi and computer networking?

Photo of a quiz team at a smartphone pub quiz

If you definately answered YES to all of these questions then you are half way there already and should continue reading.

Your next step… Download our software on to your computer and get to grips with it. The resources in our Documents and on our Videos page cover everything you need to know.

Photo of a quiz team at a smartphone pub quiz

Once your have got to grips with it, invite some friends over and practice your quiz hosting skills on them. If all has gone well, you should then be ready to find a venue and start your weekly quiz.


Independent Quizmasters

Once you decide that you want to use SpeedQuizzing to host quizzes professionally, the next step is to find a venue. Most bars/pubs will have at least one quiet week night in which they will be all too happy to have you create a reason for people to attend and spend money at the bar.

You should approach a venue and propose an arrangement something along the lines of…

  • I would like to start running a weekly SpeedQuizzing event in your venue.
  • I will provide all the required hardware (you will need to discuss access to the venue’s sound system or supply your own) and advertising material.
  • I will charge each participant $3.00* to play. The venue will pay me an additional $3.00* per participant. Therefore, if only 10 people attend the venue pay just you $30 but once established should be nearer 100 people so more like $300.
  • The venue will also need to provide the prizes. Normally in the form of drink or food vouchers (example: first place $30, second place $25 and third place $15). We work on the premise that SpeedQuizzing is a fun event and therefore does not require massive prizes to be on offer. Quizzes that offer substantial cash prizes can encourage participants to be over-competitive.

* $3.00 is a ball park figure. In general, because playing SpeedQuizzing is a significantly richer experience, people should be happy to pay double what very would pay at a pen and paper quiz.

Bar or Pub landlords/Managers

Once you decide that you want to use SpeedQuizzing to host quizzes at your venue, all you need to do is…

  • Download SpeedQuizzing and familiarise yourself with using the software and acquire all necessary hardware.
  • Decide on specifics such as pricing. See suggested pricing in Independent Quizmasters section above or consider a free-to-play quiz which could attract more participants with more to spend at the bar.
  • Decide which weekly night to host the event and produce advertising material.
  • Start SpeedQuizzing!!

Events Organisers

An adrenaline fuelled game show style quiz is a great offering to your clients which can be used as either a dynamic way of recapping learning material from training sessions or simply for an evening of fun.

SpeedQuizzing differs from the run of the mill interactive keypad/voting systems which are often favoured by events companies.

  • SpeedQuizzing games all include speed incentives along with other clever features designed to keep the adrenaline pumping.
  • SpeedQuizzing players do not require an interactive keypad as they use their own smartphones*.
  • The current version of SpeedQuizzing can connect up to 32 handsets (one per team) so based on 8 players per team that is a total of 256 participants.
  • SpeedQuizzing does not require a large monitor/plasma screen that all players need to be able to see.
  • To host a SpeedQuizzing quiz all that you require is a laptop computer and a SpeedQuizzing recommended wifi router**.
  • You do not need to buy SpeedQuizzing as we opperate on a pay per use basis ($30 per day including questions).

* If you don’t think your clients for whatever reason will come equipped with one smartphone per quiz team, you can hire a case of iPod touches or iPads (better for sharing) from us on a per event basis.

** Obviously you would need quiz hosting basic equipment too. Microphone, sound system etc.