Quick Start Guide using existing WiFi

“I haven’t yet purchased the SpeedQuizzing Hub/Router but would like to try the SpeedQuizzing software using a standard WiFi network”.

Using SpeedQuizzing without the recommended Hub/Router is only recommended for evaluation purposes and not advised to be used for professional use.


1. Things you will need.

A computer

Computer to host SpeedQuizzing on A PC or Mac to use as the host computer. Although internet isn’t required to connect devices and play the games, you will need an internet connection to download and install the Quiz Hosting Software.

A WiFi Network.

Illustration showing a wireless router and a network/Ethernet cable This might be your home or work network which you have access to and know the WiFi password for. But remember this is only recommend for evaluating SpeedQuizzing and that serious users should purchase the SpeedQuizzing Hub/Router here.

Some Handsets with the app installed.

To try the SpeedQuizzing system you will need to connect at least two handsets (iPads, iPhones Android Phones/tablets) to the game using the free SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer app.


2. Download and install the free software and apps

  • Install the free SpeedQuizzing Quiz Hosting Software (downloadable hereonto your host computer (EXE file for Windows or the DMG file for Mac). If you are asked to install Adobe Air in the process please follow the simple on-screen instructions on how to do so.
  • Download and install the free Speedquizzing Virtual Buzzer app onto at least 2 handsets.


3. Launch the Quiz Hosting Software and Connect your laptop to the Network

  • With the host software already installed on the computer, connect the computer to the WiFi Network you intend to use. This can be a WiFi connection or for potentially better results try connecting to the router direct using an Ethernet cable.
  • Launch the SpeedQuizzing Quiz Hosting Software on your host computer.


4. Connect the handsets

  • Now with the SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer app already installed,  join the same WiFi network as the computer in the handset’s WiFi settings.
  • Then open the app and enter a team name name.
  • Press Connect button in the app and the team name should pop up in the left hand bottom corner of the host software as a New Connection.

If the handset won’t connect and the computer and the handset are definitely on the same Network, then you can assume that either a Windows Firewall or Anti-Virus software Firewall (or sometimes both) are blocking the connection. These Firewalls need disabling on the Laptop.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 22.05.50

  • Once you can see your first New Connection in the bottom left hand corner, click on the orange team name, this will allow that handset to join the quiz.



5. Select a Buzzer ID sound

  • The Handset will now automatically display a list of Buzzer ID sounds.
  • After scrolling through available sounds, the desired Buzzer ID Sound can be selected by holding the clip name on the handset-screen until the list disappears from view.



  • More info on this feature (and how to disable it if required) is available here 


Great! You are now ready to test the Buzzer ID sounds!!  Find out how here


Outdated video.

Even though some new functionality has been added to the software since this video tutorial was made (specifically the introduction of the Handset Buzzer ID Select Menu), you might still find it useful to watch.