Optimising a non recommended router for SpeedQuizzing

This document is for users who have not yet invested in a SpeedQuizzing recommended router and (at their own risk) are intending to use a non recommended router for SpeedQuizzing.


What are the benefits of optimising my router

As well as familiarising yourself with your router’s login process so that you are prepared, should you need to adjust the WiFi channel to fix unwanted interference issues, optimising your router also serves 4 other purposes.

  1. Setting a user name and password which you are familiar with means that in future you will have no problems entering the router settings should you need to.
  2. Changing the Wifi Network name (also known as SSID) to Quiz, allows players to log on to the correct WiFi Network easily.
  3. Disabling security on the WiFi network (at your own risk) allows players to connect to your Quiz WiFi Network without entering a password (also known as WEP Key).
  4. Changing the Router’s IP address to make’s it less likely to present IP conflicts if you happen to be connected to two Networks at the same time (example: SpeedQuizzing via cable and internet via your Computer’s WiFi). Also it allows the router icon in the host software and the Connect Button in the apps to detect that they are connected to the intended router and subsequently change from Orange to Green to provide helpful feedback during a quiz.

How to enter my router’s configuration settings?

Most routers (Excluding Apple Airports) require an IP address to be inputted into a web browser’s address bar to enter it’s configuration settings. This can usually be found printed somewhere on the unit or in the instruction manual. Be aware that you will generally be required to input a user name and password, often printed small on the side of the router.

Apple routers use a different approach all together whereby you use a separate utility named Airport Utility to enter the router configuration settings.

Example of how to optimise an Apple router for use with SpeedQuizzing.

May also work with Airport Express.

These instructions explain how to change certain settings in your Apple Airport Extreme to improve the SpeedQuizzing hosting experience.

This example is based on using an Apple Extreme V5 and Airport Utility V 6.1.

This info will no doubt vary on older versions of the Airport units and utility software and indeed the Airport Express. How different will depend on how much older they are.

Firstly power up your Airport extreme.

Plug an Ethernet cable into your computer and the other end into one of the Ethernet sockets (not the Internet socket) on the Airport extreme.

Open the Airport Utility program.



Step 1. Click “Other AirPort Base Stations” and select your unit from the drop-down list.

Wait patiently for this next screen to appear.

Step 2. Once it appears enter a password and verify. This password is to stop people entering your utility settings via WiFi. Not to be confused with a WiFi Password or WEP key which is used to join a WiFi network.

Pres “Next”

Step 3. This next screen is to do with Internet so is irrelevant, so click “Next” again and wait patiently for up to 30 seconds.

Step 4. Click “Done”.

Step 5. Click on the Airport Extreme icon and then click “Edit”

Step 6. Click “Internet”

Set Connect Using to “Static”

Then Set IPv4 Address and Router Address to

Step 7 is optional but will suit most people’s requirements.

Step 7. Click “Wireless” and set Wireless Network Name to Quiz and Wireless Security to None


Step 8. Click “Update”

Any messages like this…..

Or this….

… Click “Ignore Problem”

If you see a message like this…..

….click “Continue”

Now wait for your Airport to reboot…..

Step 9. Click on the Airport Extreme icon and then click “Edit”



Step 10. Click “Network” and set Router Mode: to “DHCP Only” and set the DHCP Range as pictured below.




Step 11. Click “Update” then “Continue” and wait some more….

You are now Optimised and your Router Icon should be Green like this…

The only time you might ever need to use the Airport Utility to enter your router’s settings again is if you need to adjust the unit’s WiFi channel in order to fix WiFi interference issues.

Learn more about this here.


Example of how to optimise a Netgear router for use with SpeedQuizzing

Many routers have similar interfaces, so although this example is done using a Netgear WNR2000 it may well work on something similar. However do not expect a midrange Netgear to reliably connect 32 handsets in the same way in which a SpeedQuizzing recommended router or Apple Airport Extreme will.

Before we begin, power on your Netgear router and connect an Ethernet cable to one of the four Ethernet sockets on the router, and your computer’s Ethernet socket.

1. Open a Web Browser.

2. Enter your router’s IP address in the address bar for instance

This should open the router’s configuration utility in your default web browser(this may take a few seconds).

3. You will be asked to enter a User Name and Password which should be written on the side of the router. (often Admin and Password by default)

4. On the left hand side of the page under Setup click Wireless Settings.

5. In the box labelled Name (SSID): type Quiz

…then ensure Security Options are set to None

Click Apply

6. Now under Advanced click Lan Setup

…and rename these fields

IP Address

Starting IP Address (may automatically rename it’s self)

Ending IP Address (may automatically rename it’s self)

7. Click Apply and wait 30 seconds (making sure to OK any warning messages which may appear).

It is possible that you may now need to re-boot your router for changes to take effect.

The Router Icon in the host software should now appear green.

The only time you should ever need to enter your router’s settings again is if you need to adjust the unit’s WiFi channel in order to fix WiFi interference issues.

Learn more about this here.

Now that the router icon is Green, the best way for you to enter your WiFi channel settings is to hold down the green router icon for a second.