Clips round

The story so far..

At the moment the only way to use the Clips Round is to compile your own games using your own personal .mp3 files.

However, we are poised to be licensed to sell music rounds very soon in the UK so watch this space.

What is it?

The Clips round is a playlist game where the host announces the name of a song (or mystery voice etc). The teams then listen to a series of short clips and tap their screen whilst they believe the correct answer is playing. 4 points for a correct answer with 4/3/2/1 bonus points for the fastest teams.

The Clips round is a work-in-progress and is in line for a makeover in the next major software revision. However, in the meantime there are some slightly dated video tutorials which you can view in these links below to get you started.

How to host a sound clips round

Note: Since this tutorial was made, the “Round Rules” tab at the top of the software has been added so you can read out instructions to players at the beginning of the game.

Also note that when locating the clips folder to start the round, you mustn’t go into the folder that contain’s the clips just click on the folder and then click the button in windows called select or open. This can be confusing since going all the way into the folder gives the illusion of being empty.

How to compile a clips round using MP3s

How to convert your iTunes files into MP3s

As usual you can always contact a member of the SQ team to give you hands on help if you don’t fully understand any of these instructions.