We want to run SpeedQuizzing in our venue which already has a professionally installed WiFi network, can we simply connect to that to play SpeedQuizzing?

It may work but it may not. The important thing to know is that we can’t guarantee it and will offer no technical support when connecting this way. Find out more about our recommended approach to connecting devices here.

Why should I plug into my router with a cable?

Reliability and stability. As well as improving Buzzer response-times and tightening up accuracy of speed-sensitive aspects of the games ensuring picture questions appear on all handsets with millisecond accuracy it will also minimise the danger of large-scale loss of connections between host and teams. Find out more here. SpeedQuizzing Router

Although I understand the pitfalls of not using a cable connection, can SpeedQuizzing work over a totally WiFi network?

Yes, so long as the player-devices (phones/tablets) are on the same WiFi Network as the host computer then you may still be able to connect them to SpeedQuizzing. However a wired connection between a dedicated recomended router and the computer will in most cases yield more stable results.

Does it matter what type of Router I use?

Very much so. Even though some routers will work in a small room with a handful of connections, we recommend that you purchase a recommended router from this page //www.speedquizzing.com/software/docs/info_speedquizzing_router/

Does the Router I’m using for SpeedQuizzing need an internet connection?

No, it is advisable not to have an Internet connection when connecting a large amount of handsets. However you will need an internet connection to initially set up and authorise SpeedQuizzing on your machine. We advise serious professional quiz hosts to invest in a recommended router rather than expect to plug into whatever they use for internet at the venue.


What is the significance of the colour of the router icon in the host software in V2.7.0 and later of SpeedQuizzing?

A Red router icon indicates that SpeedQuizzing can not detect a computer network at all (wired or WiFi). You must connect your computer to a WiFi network or plug it into a WiFi router via a cable before you can expect to connect any devices.

An Orange router icon indicates that SpeedQuizzing detects that your computer is connected to at least one Network. This could be a wired connection or a WiFi connection or in some cases both. Once the router icon has turned orange then joining the same network with a SpeedQuizzing Virtual Buzzer app should allow you to connect the device seamlessly to the software. The only thing preventing this could be a Firewall blocking SpeedQuizzing in the host computer.

A Green router icon indicates that you are connected to a SpeedQuizzing router with the IP address

Do I need a big screen such as a projector or plasma screen?

NO. A unique factor of SpeedQuizzing is that all necessary visuals are displayed on the handset screen itself and all questions are asked verbally by the host in the style of a traditional pub quiz.

Can I plug into a second screen to show additional info such as Scoreboard, Questions and answers including picture questions?

Yes the Live Screen feature is a comprehensive second screen option. Find out more here

Why should I sign up on the SpeedQuizzing website?

Signing up as a registered SpeedQuizzing user is the first step to becoming a professional SpeedQuizzing host. Once you have signed up you can Authorise computers ready to work in professional mode and pay for SpeedQuizzing Activations which you will ultimately use to book an activation date to host events which require more than four handsets to be connected.

What is Authorisation?

Once installed on a PC or Mac the SpeedQuizzing software needs to be authorised (assigned) to a particular user account (your user login details) and given a name before an Activation Date can be booked to use with it. You will need an internet connection to achieve this.

Can I Authorise more than one computer to a single user account?

Yes, as many as you wish. It is encouraged to have a backup machine authorised with the the SpeedQuizzing software installed when running professional events.

The Authorisation panel is greyed out and wont allow me to click it.

Restart the Software and click Authorise rather than Demo mode. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Can I de-authorise my computer?

Yes. In the bottom right hand corner of the SpeedQuizzing software click the rectangular box labeled Authorised. Then click the red reset button. This will close down the software. When you restart the software it will be ready to Authorise again.

What is a SpeedQuizzing Activation?

A booked Activation is an encrypted computer file which will enable a specific authorised computer to run for the duration of the specified date in (32 handset) mode. All Activations will include a Quizpack. A registered user will login to our website Members Area and (after purchasing an amount of activations) book an Activation Date which can either be installed automatically within the host software using the Easy Activate feature or can be saved to a folder and dragged on to the SpeedQuizzing software. Find out more here

What is a Quizpack?

A Quizpack is a set of 61 trivia questions, split into three rounds of 20 questions, plus a bonus Nearest Wins end-of-quiz bonus question. One Quizpack comes free with every SpeedQuizzing Booked Activation.

Are the contents of the Quizpack configurable?

Yes the Advanced section of the booking process allows you to select UK or US, along with which types of games you require as well as what age groups your event caters for and also difficulty levels. In addition to this there is a tickbox which when unchecked will include adult questions which some may find on the offensive side.

Can I book an Activation without a Quizpack?


Can I buy a Quizpack without an Activation?

Currently not from us just yet. When you have exhausted the demo questions included with the SpeedQuizzing installation, your options are to either 1. create your own content 2. book a professional Activation including a Quizpack for a specific date, or alternatively 3. Quizpacks can be purchased separately from this third party websiteWe are not affiliated with www.speedquizzingpacks.com/ and have no control over the content which they provide. We will therefore not be accountable for inaccurate or offensive content contained on their site or within their quiz content.

Can I reuse a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack at a later date?

Yes, once you have taken delivery of a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack the files will stay in the Your Quizzes folder indefinitely to use time and again.

What is the difference between purchasing Activations and booking and Activation Date?

The first step is to pay for one or more Activations. These then sit indefinitely in your account until you use (one at a time) to book a specific Activation Date

Why should I wait until the day of my event to  install or download the Activation and Quizpack?

The first reason is that until you take delivery of the Activation key you can log back into the website and change details such as the event date, venue, Quizpack specifics and, most importantly which authorised computer you plan to use to host the quiz. However, once you have taken delivery of the Activation  all of these things become difficult to reverse. Secondly, because all our Activations include Quizpacks, when you come to read out certain included questions, they could actually no longer be factually correct if too large an amount of time has passed since it was downloaded. 

What is On The Fly?

One quick way to ask a question of your own making, or perhaps from a quiz book (IE one that is not included in a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack/question file), is to use the On The Fly feature. As well as inserting or replacing a Quizpack question with an On The Fly one, a whole round of On The Fly questions can be initiated by choosing the On The Fly tab on the “Let’s Play” Screen.

What are hidden Features?

Hidden features are useful extra functions built in to the host software which we deem to be best kept hidden from novice/beginner hosts. Find out more here

Hidden features currently include..

Silent Mode End Question

Fast Track

Voting Question

Speed Bonus Sliding Scale

Can I make my own Quizpacks / Question files?

Yes, see our new online Question Manager which allows you to create and edit your own Quizpacks as well as SpeedQuizzing Quizpacks. Log in to the Members Area at SpeedQuizzing.com and click Question Manager 2.0 (Full use of this service is only available to users who have purchased SpeedQuizzing credits within the last 12 months otherwise you will be limited to exporting 4 questions per round).

Are SpeedQuizzing Quizpacks only suitable for the UK market?

No. We now have 3 different types of Quizpack. When purchasing an Activation with a Quizpack you are given the option to chose either a UK quizpack (tailored for the Great British pub quiz market), a US Quizpack which should be more suitable for the US and Canada, or a Universal Quizpack which is aimed at the rest of the English speaking world.

What type of questions can I expect to find in a SpeedQuizzing Quizpack?

Traditional trivia questions and picture questions covering all subjects including sport, geography, popular culture, music, film, TV and general knowledge. The questions range in difficulty from easy to medium-hard.

Why is there only handset help for the Keypad game and not Buzzin’ or Nearest wins?

In the Keypad game, there is a little bit more to grasp for the players than in the other games and therefore it warrants the on-screen visuals in conjunction with reading out the “Round rules” to explain the game. Just clicking and reading out the “Round Rules” should suffice for the Buzzin’ and Nearest Wins games. However, the next major release will feature handset help for all of the games.

Why are my handset connections dropping out and temperamental?

All other radio equipment in your area including neighbouring WiFi networks are competing for the same frequency airspace. A basic understanding of how to adjust your router’s wireless channel setting will rectify most problematic situations. See our document entitled “Troubleshooting WiFi interference” for more info //www.speedquizzing.com/software/docs/info_wifi_interference/.

Why don’t certain handsets connect/stay connected as well as others?

If a particular phone won’t connect to the Quiz Network, the first thing to try is to turn the device’s Mobile Data off for the duration of the quiz. Other than that, sadly we can’t police the quality of the Wifi performance of every different SpeedQuizzing compatible handset. However in most instances, if a particular device is acting strange, totally turning off the unit and turning it back on again can often iron out issues, as can making sure no other apps are running in the background.

A particular handset is refusing to show picture questions?

First simply restart the app on the phone, if this doesn’t fix it try turning the phone off and back on again. Then worst case scenario remove that team from the game and join them back in again.

I’ve installed or taken delivery of my Activation key but I need to change the booking to either a different date, different target computer, different Quizpack etc, can I?

This is only allowed under special circumstances at the discretion of a SpeedQuizzing operator but don’t panic! Log into your SpeedQuizzing account and click ‘Your Activations‘, ‘Change Activation‘, and you can make the relevant changes. However this process can only be performed a limited number of times and suspected abuse will result in your account being suspended.

To learn more about SpeedQuizzing please checkout further documents such as the Quickstart guide here. and all other help documents and tutorials here.