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SpeedQuizzing Pro Great for pubs

SpeedQuizzing Pro is the original hub-based system which doesn’t require Internet and therefore provides unrivalled reliability and lightning fast accuracy which is essential for competitive venue-based quizzing.

Because players connect their devices locally via a SpeedQuizzing Pocket Hub, they aren’t at the mercy of weak phone signals or substandard venue-WiFi.

This therefore makes for a reliable, feature-rich SpeedQuizzing experience with the bonus free to use Bingo.

SpeedQuizzing Pro has been used in pubs and bars around the world for the past ten years as well as for private events and in education.

SpeedQuizzing Live Great for Zoom

SpeedQuizzing Live works over the Internet making it easy to start hosting without the need for a SpeedQuizzing Hub.

SpeedQuizzing Live can therefore be played anywhere where there is reliable internet with no special equipment and no limit to the distance between participants, making it ideal for remote quizzing over ZOOM.

The compromise, however, is that the system can only be as reliable as the internet connections available to the host and individual players.

Because of the limitations of Internet-based smartphone quizzing, many of the time critical features of SpeedQuizzing Pro are absent from SpeedQuizzing Live so we don’t recommend using  SpeedQuizzing Live to replace SpeedQuizzing Pro for pub / bar trivia.

SpeedQuizzing pro SpeedQuizzing live
Hosted on Windows or Mac computer Windows or Mac computer
Played on Android, IOS or Kindle Fire Android, IOS or Kindle Fire
Player App SpeedQuizzing SpeedQuizzing Live
Max Players 64* 200 (dependant on quality of internet)
Requires SpeedQuizzing Hub
Requires Internet
Ease of setup Moderate Easy
Play remotely (Zoom or similar)
Range Approximately 25 – 50 metres from the Hub depending on room shape, walls etc. Unlimited world wide over Internet
Reliability and Timing accuracy Very Good Good but vary depending on internet connections available to players and hosts.
Quiz formats Multiple Choice, Letters, Sequence, Numbers, Go Wide, Evil Mode, Buzzin’ Classic, Buzzin Advanced’, Audio File Questions, Clips Round, Fast Tracking, Nearest Wins. Multiple Choice, Letters, Sequence, Numbers, Evil Mode.
Picture Questions
Create your own question content Question Manager & Quick Questions. Question manager only
Create questions ‘On The Fly’
Sharable Quiz Files
Customisable team buzzer sounds Selectable from a list by players Drag and drop by host only.
Scoreboard on Player device
Quizmaster remote handset