Help with promoting your event


Advertising and promoting a quiz night can easily turn into a sizeable task and be costly too, especially if you require a designer to create artwork for you.

This is why we have multiple options ranging from our simple to use online poster designer, to our ready made cardboard table talkers. But as well as these two simple options you can download our free SpeedQuizzing Graphics folder which is jam packed with various different logos, photos and flyers etc for those who prefer a more hands on approach.

1. Easy to use Poster designer (web application)







Use our Poster Designer web application and create a high resolution image file, (up to A1 size), in minutes and then simply download it and get it printed.


2. Ready made Table Talkers (also known as Tent cards) UK only


Table talkers are a great way of advertising your weekly event whilst also displaying instructions on how to join the quiz. Packs of 50 can be delivered within one week and are printed on 350g card.

(Customers outside of the UK can find all they will need to print their own table-talkers in our downloadable SpeedQuizzing graphics folder.

Buy Table talkers Now!


3. Downloadable SpeedQuizzing Graphics folder.


For those wishing to create their own bespoke advertising material, all of our logos, photos and much more, can be found here in our SpeedQuizzing Graphics folder. (It is a large Zip file so may take a while to download)