New For 2021 SpeedQuizzing Branding

AFTER months working with a leading branding company we are finally in a position to share folders of our New For 2021 SpeedQuizzing graphics for our customers to use.

Whether you are a customer who embraces the SpeedQuizzing brand or you prefer to create your own brand, we are going to be referring to you guys as “Partners” moving forward.

But in an attempt to try to keep some kind of organised brand identity, we are keen to make a distinction between the two.

‘SpeedQuizzing Brand’ partners


‘Own Brand’ partners.

There is a separate folder for each partner-type so please read the PDF carefully first which should make it simple to decide which folder is right for you.

You’ll notice that we’ve tightened up our brand guidelines considerably with these 2021 graphics.

Hopefully this will be a fair balance between protecting the new look of the SpeedQuizzing brand and giving partners the flexibility to choose between using SpeedQuizzing as a behind the scenes tool for your own brand, or becoming part of the SpeedQuizzing brand and sharing our new look.

PLEASE NOTE: These new brand guidelines only apply to the New For 2021 branding. Existing partners are fine to carry on using their existing artwork using our old graphics for the time being.

IMPORTANT: Please don’t mix the old branding with the new.

NOTE: the graphics folders are a work in progress and may get updated from time to time.

We do hope you like what we’ve done.

Find the new downloadable folders HERE.