New Firmware available for black SpeedQuizzing Pocket Hubs

Any SpeedQuizzing Pro users using black SpeedQuizzing Pocket Hubs should update their firmware to the latest r0550 to benefit from all of the great new functionality listed below.

Note: We would advise against doing this on the day of a quiz just in case anything should go wrong.

New features and functionality

Improved performance. General performance Improvement estimated at 20% more reliability, speed and connection count.

Improved security. General security has been improved including the option to Isolate Wireless clients.

Reduced Scan Time. The Scanning time on player devices has been reduced considerably, often resulting in detecting the host instantaneously and not showing the green ‘Scan’ button at all.

Improved on-screen feedback. Better integrated feedback within the SQPRO 4.6 software.

Multi-MasterHub mode. Multi-MasterHub mode is an advanced feature which enables multiple pocket hubs to work in Master mode when used in conjunction with additional USB to Ethernet adaptors, thus potentially greatly improving performance by combining the power of multiple Pocket Hubs.


Find out how to download and install the firmware here