Pocket Hub Firmware and Documentation

Updating Pocket Hub firmware


Yellow Pocket Hub

No Firmware Update Available. Current factory Version is r0156.

Black pocket Hub

Download Firmware Update r0408 here and overwrite any previous version.

This update fixes a problem where newer Samsung phones would go to a log on page and sometimes get stuck.

Also adds functionality to Repeater Mode. When in Repeater Mode you can tap the channel button to see a series of blinks on the middle LED to show the strength of the signal between the Repeater and the Master Router (1 = Weak, 10 = Strong).

Firmware Update Instructions

To check/update the Firmware revision of your SpeedQuizzing Pocket Hub or Power Hub, follow these instructions…

  1. With the device booted up and connected to a computer via Ethernet cable, input in a web browser and hit Return (default admin password = quizzing).
  2. The revision number can the be found in the bottom right hand corner of the GUI.
  3. To install an updated version, go to the Flash Firmware tab and upload the downloaded file.
  4. IMPORTANT: It can take up to 5 minutes to fully install and re-boot the Firmware, so until 5 minutes has passed and the LEDs on the router show that it has re-booted properly, DO NOT remove the Ethernet cable or power down the device.

Pocket Hub instruction manual

Download Pocket Hub Instruction manual here.